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3 Great European Destinations That Won’t Beak The Bank

By Simon Hales @itertrav

Whatever your budget, the chances are that you will want to get away for a while this summer and enjoy some unfamiliar, or at least less familiar, surroundings. However, if money is tight then you may not have the luxury of being able to jet off to the other side of the world and enjoy an extended break. Fear not though as this doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a great holiday and a chance to soak up a few rays before the sun disappears for another 9 months.

There are many great destinations that can be experienced on a budget and your holiday will be no less enjoyable just because the purse strings are a litter tighter than usual. Here are three perfect destinations that will offer a taste of luxury without the expensive price tag.

Paris –

3 Great European Destinations That Won’t Beak The Bank This Summer

Paris is a great place to travel to, especially from the UK, as you have the option to go on the Eurostar. This is often a lot cheaper and less time consuming than taking a flight and there are also likely to be special offers available depending on when you book. Any child that is small enough to sit on your lap can travel free of charge and the journey is only around 2 hours.

The other good thing about Paris is that if you or any one in your party is 26 or younger then you/they can experience many of the attractions at a discounted price or sometimes for free. These attractions include The Arc De Triumph, The Pantheon and the natural history museum. Another top tip is to visit the Louvre on a Friday evening as it is free after 6pm for ‘Les Jeunes’ as the French called the under 26s.

Tuscany –

3 Great European Destinations That Won’t Beak The Bank This Summer

Although Tuscany covers a wide area, each part is just as beautiful as the next and it can be easily explored if you find the right place to use as base camp. The best way to get some value from your trip to Tuscany is to club together with a group of friends or family members and rent a luxury villa for the week. Not only will this mean you can enjoy the sumptuous surroundings without having to deal with any other tourists, but also that when you split the price between 8 or 10 you’ll be getting a piece of luxury for a very good price.

Quality villas in Tuscany can start from around €400 per week; which is only around £30 when split between 8 of you. For a week in beautiful surroundings you can’t beat a price like that. Although most airports will have direct flights to Pisa airport; you may save yourself some more money by flying into Tuscany’s sister airport in Florence. Once you are there you can enjoy you private pool and picturesque surrounding for free or venture into the cities to see the famous attractions.

Always look to see if you can book in advance though as this could save you even more on the most popular places to visit.

Bulgaria –

3 Great European Destinations That Won’t Beak The Bank This Summer

When deciding on where to spend your summer Bulgaria is unlikely to be the country at the top of your list, you may not even know where to find it on a map, but if it’s an inexpensive holiday that you’re after then look no further than Sofia or Plovdiv. With inexpensive food and drink as well as cheap, well recommended three star hotels it’s the perfect destinations to experience something different without breaking the bank.

Bulgaria also has a very rich history and there is no shortage of interesting architecture and lively tourist squares to explore. The only thing you may have to shell out for is the flight, but once you get there you can be sure to have a great time in this beautiful country for next to nothing.

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Chris Mayhew is busy planning his holiday for this summer and like a lot of people at the moment he doesn’t have a big budget to play with. He is writing on behalf of To Tuscany who have a wide range of luxury villas available to rent.

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