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By Jen Campbell @TennisLife_Mag

The gorgeous Carolyn Hennesy | Photo source: Regard Magazine

You know you've finally "arrived" when you find yourself conversing with the ever so fascinating Carolyn Hennesy; with THE Barb Coman from Cougar Town; with THE Diane Miller of General Hospital; with THE Rosalyn Harris of True Blood. Oh yeah... it's a moment you'll never forget! She's charming, witty, and down to earth, and what I learned was that, while I've spent years watching her career explode all over my screen, acting is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg that is Mizz Hennesy; she gives a whole new meaning to "living life to the fullest".

I hope you enjoy this post as much as I had creating it. And don't be shy - I know I speak for Carolyn when I say that we'd love to hear your comments below!

First of all, let me just say thank you, you gorgeous creature, you, for taking time out of your busy day to talk with me today. It's a real treat, to say the very least, to have such a multi-faceted celebrity in our midst. You're an Emmy-nominated actress, author, animal rights advocate (NOT activist), podcast hostess with the mostest, trapeze artist, and entrepreneur... (superwoman??) Did I leave anything out?

Not a thing! :D Except I'm not an animal rights advocate... just an animal advocate. It's a small difference, but an important one!

During your career, you have had (and still have) some of the most memorable, and quite frankly, the most fashionable roles: Diane Miller (General Hospital); my personal favorite, Barb Coman (Cougar Town); and the Vampire Authority's Rosalyn Harris (True Blood). I've also had the immense pleasure recently of binge-watching you in the outstanding comedy web series, "These People", in which you play a real hot mess of a mom, Julia Bennet. Seriously... it's a MUST WATCH, people! Out of everything that you've done, is there a particular character that stands out as your fave? Much of your work has a sassy, comedic flair; do you prefer that genre? It suits you perfectly - and you're just so good at it!

I absolutely prefer comedy to drama... if given only one choice, that is. Laughter is my oxygen; I need it to survive. Eliciting it from others is my idea of giving back... the more you laugh the longer you live.

Some actors have said they enjoy the challenge of playing characters that are different from their norm, that are outside of their 'comfort zone'. Are there any role-types that are outside of your comfort zone? If so, and if given the right script, cast, director, etc... would you consider going for it?

Here's the deal: the role I most desperately want to play right now is Elizabeth Barrett (Browning) in a remake of "The Barretts of Wimpole Street." Originally played to perfection by Norma Shearer. Check it out, and you'll see how much I'd like to go for it!

You've done soaps, TV series, movies, web series, and theater... WOW! That's an impressive partial list of accomplishments! Of those, which do you enjoy doing the most, and why?

Sitcoms. Why? Because of the live audience. It's the best of both worlds: you get that immediate connection with the audience AND you can do it over again if you mess it up!

Speaking of passion, I'm a total fitness freak, and do some form of exercise every day - even on days that I play tennis. I'm either on my treadmill, at the gym, or on a park trail... but your workout location is just as unique and badass as you are - on a trapeze! When did you discover your love of flying, and what do you love about it most?

I needed to learn to fly for a university production of "Comedy Of Errors." I took to it like a duck to water. Gyms and traditional workouts ultimately get boring for me. Flying is always thrilling... and it's closest one ever gets to the heavens. Also, it's all about trust and trust building, not only with yourself, but with the person who's catching you, pulling the lines, calling the timing... it's a solo effort and a team sport at the same time.

Do you play tennis as well, or are you more of an avid spectator?

I did take tennis lessons as a teenager and had a pretty mean forehand; but that pesky backhand kept me from being even decent. I admire the sport greatly, though; would love to be court-side at Wimbledon someday... women's finals, naturally.

Anyone who knows me knows that you are my celebrity girl-crush, and that I always post #WomanCrushWednesday pics of you on twitter. What they don't know, is that during my weekly quests for these photos, I'm discovering that sometimes, what I think are older photos (when you were younger) actually turn out to be the more current photos. It's like you're getting younger every year, which is amazing - and it makes looking for #ThrowbackThursday photos a real bitch, too, lol! How do you do it?

Hah! Well, it's no secret (because I've been telling everyone about it for the last three years!): I use Nerium's AD Night Cream. My agent, of all people, called me one day and said one word: "Nerium." And I said, "Have you seen my bathroom shelf? I cannot fit one more product on it!" But she convinced me to give it a try and, in large part because of what it had done for her, I started using it. Within about three months, fans were writing in asking if my ("General Hospital") make-up had changed, or if the lighting for the show was different or if there was someone new actually doing my make-up. I replied to everyone that it was none of the above. People were astounded. I do look better today than every before.

I'm health-conscious vegetarian, and I try to take care of my body as best I can. I stay pretty active, too, spending much of my time outdoors. Aside from playing tennis 3-4 times a week, I run, ride my bike, do yard work, and go on outings with mt two rescue weenies (louis and Lola) at the dog park. And now that it's summer, I can also be found not being active outside, usually lounging by the pool or on the beach. Would someone like me benefit from using Nerium? Would this be good for the men, as well?

Side note: I have a Cha-weenie (did you know that?)... a mini-Dachs and Chihuahua mix. Adorable. So... does the product work on us active gals-on-the-go? Actually, better for us than most. Very often, active outdoors-women don't have a regular skin regimen; either they just can't be bothered or they're too tired from being super-women. Because their skin is in more need of true care, it soaks up the product like rainwater and the benefits are seen and felt even sooner in a number of cases. So, absolutely... active skin is grateful for Nerium.

As a blue-eyed, naturally fair-skinned blonde, I'm a huge advocate of sunscreen - not only for tennis players but for anyone who spends time outdoors during daylight hours. But Nerium doesn't contain any sunscreen... Why is that?

Because the the company respects the individual consumer's right to their own skincare freedom and, while almost everyone agrees that going without at least a little sunscreen is ludicrous, each consumer should be able to use not only the amount of sunscreen, but the type and SPF level that they choose for themselves.

In doing some poking around on the internet, I spotted a few random blogs that claim Nerium is a "dangerous product" because it contains "poison", and that it hasn't been approved by the FDA. Is this true, or just a load of ignorant BS?

The fact that it's not ingested is only one of the reasons that it's not necessary to be regulated by the FDA, but the poison issue is always brought up by those who've never done any research into the ingredients and those who simply don't want to admit that this is nothing short of a wonder. Also, many of these folks are already committed to other product lines that don't have the reputation for great skin care that Nerium does, or they aren't making the money that Nerium business owners are or their business is bogged down with... like... 400 products. Whatever. Hey, we all have haters. Here's the bottom line: there are easily over two hundred type of oleander plants on this planet. Some are poisonous if consumed, most are not. When someone talks about Nerium containing poison because the age-defying ingredient is derived from the Nerium oleander, they're flat out wrong. A) the poison in the poisonous oleanders is found in the flower and Nerium only uses an enzyme extract from the leaf of a non-poisonous variety anyway and B) Nerium oleander has been used as a topical skincare miracle by healers for centuries. This is why this plant was chosen... researchers and scientists knew there was "something" there. They isolated the enzyme and thank God they did.

Your face is radiant and flawless - even with hardly any makeup! There's NO WAY you're 54 - I wanna see your driver's license, lol! How long have you been using Nerium, and why did you decide to become part of the Nerium family?

About three years now... and it's all due to my agent. She told me about the product and I pooh-poohed it. Then, about six weeks later, she and I were sitting in a sauna--and you know steam saunas will bring out all of the flaws in someone's skin-and I asked her about her rosacea, specifically "Where is it?" She looked at me and said simply, "Nerium." That's when my jaw hit the floor.

Other than getting to work with uber-groovy you, what are some of the perks of being a Brand Partner?

Too many to fully name them all. Potential limitless wealth, your own hours, working from home, I'll Skype into as many Real Results parties as possible, great skin, a new Lexus, trips, and... the best part... you only have to work with those folks that YOU want to. And new countries are being "opened up" by Nerium all the time. We're just about to start doing business in Japan! The best benefit, though, is the ability to give these gifts to those around, creating a community of prosperity and beauty.

How many Lexus... Lexuses... (Lexi??) have your team members won?

I know of six to date... but that's just me personally. Don't forget, you don't have to be hands on responsible for everyone down the line on your team. You'd go nuts. I have about two hundred people now in my business but because I have had great help in training great leaders, others are carrying on whom I don't even know. Yet, I am reaping financial rewards every month. 7.5 billion people on this planet; I don't know all of them, but they all have skin... and pretty much everyone wants to look as young as they can for as long as they can, right (without bankrupting themselves or, God help us, going under the knife!)

Where can my fabulous peeps contact you to purchase some of this wonderful product and/or find out more about joining your team?

Mention your name and I'll give them a special shout out!

PLEASE NOTE: This contact information is for serious Nerium inquiries/purchases only. If you'd like to connect with Carolyn via social media, all of her links are at the very top of the right sidebar :-)

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