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26 Galapagos Animals Who Had a Worse Week Than You

By Livingthedreamrtw @livingdreamrtw
The reef sharks have it the worst.  Divers taking photos of them all the time! It is hard work being an animal in the Galapagos.  Inhabitants of one of the most protected island chains in the world truly have a lot on their plate.  Natural predators are in abundance thanks to the conservation effort, food sources are plentiful so it is easy to get full at will, and there are always throngs of tourists to entertain each and every day. 
You think your job is rough?  These 26 animals from the Galapagos beg to differ.  
The Sea Lions Who Entertain Tourists All Day
You think showing off to tourists is easy?
 We trained years for this!
 Okay, fine.  Smile for the close-up
All this PR makes us hungry.  I can haz fish?
C'mon dude, give me the fish.
That's it, I'm done
I can't find a pillow.  This rock will do.
The bus is late everyone, take five.
I just... I just can't.
Who is up for a triple spoon?
The Iguanas Who Just Can't Be Bothered
This is the best spot.  Seriously, the best.
I looovvveee this beach.
I'm done.  Maybe tomorrow.
The Turtles Who Moved Just a Few Feet Too Much
This is the only thing I'll get out of bed for
What do you mean the food isn't coming to me?!
That's it.  I'm out.  Maybe tomorrow. 
Eating is just too much hard work.
..and Finally, A Few Bonus Boobies
Can't have a Galapagos post without boobies!
They haven't had a bad week.  They're boobies, after all.
Do you have a favorite sleepy animal from the Galapagos?  Comment below to let us know!

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