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25 Facts About Me

By Behindtheseclosedeyes @theseclosedeyes
25 facts about me
Here we have yet another blogger who has jumped on the 'facts about me' bandwagon! I said to myself that I wouldn't be sucked in by the blogging hype but here we are, with my take on the random facts tag. I wanted to post my own little set of facts as I've loved reading everyone else's and finding out a bit more about all of you. I know a lot of people have managed to post 50 facts but I just about struggled to think of 25 so I hope you enjoy them anyway! Here's some random (and probably pointless) facts about me.
  1. My first word as a baby was shoe, which I guess really set me up for a life of loving shoes.
  2. I'm allergic to strawberries.
  3. I don't like Creme Eggs. David was very shocked when he found out but at least that means he can have them all at Easter.
  4. Nail files give me the heebie-jeebies.
  5. I've never plucked or waxed my brows which is one of the perks of having fair hair and skin I suppose.
  6. I met the love of my life on the first day of our Physics class in high school. Romantic or what.
  7. I can't do university work or anything else that requires concentration without listening to Glee covers. My guilty pleasure.
  8. I'm a few months away from graduating university and I still have no clue what I want to do work-wise. 
  9. I'm a nail polish addict who has to be wearing a new color every few days. How else am I going to get through my ever growing collection, or at least that's what I tell myself.
  10. I can't whistle or roll my tongue and can just about click my fingers.
  11. I much prefer nights in to nights out.
  12. I like to name certain objects, with my iPhone being called Cheesecake (don't even ask). My iPad still needs a name though.
  13. I've always preferred having guy friends to girls, and find it harder to trust girls after plenty of bad experiences in high school.
  14. I'm absolutely terrified of spiders and can't be in the same room as one. Even the smallest spider will freak me out like you wouldn't believe.
  15. I don't do hot drinks at all which confuses a lot of people. Yes I live without coffee and tea!
  16. I'm too much of a scaredy-cat to watch horror films. 
  17. I used to be a dancer and also played volleyball in high school. Now I'm the total opposite and very very unfit.
  18. The joints on my left side (hip, knee and ankle) all crack when I walk so I'm like a one man band most of the time. This means I can't really sneak up on anybody which is annoying though. 
  19. I've been to Turkey 7 times now and finally feel the urge to visit another country. 
  20. I'm about to turn 21 but still look about 15.
  21. I'm very particular with jewelry and wear the same things everyday.
  22. I've been working in a local card and gift shop for the past few months and have been absolutely loving it which is probably an odd thing to say about a retail job. 
  23. I had a bit of an obsession with rabbits when I was younger and wanted one as a pet but that never happened. Instead my Mum thought it would be funny to give me a chocolate rabbit that came in a box decorated as a rabbit hutch.
  24. The Little Mermaid will always be my favorite Disney film, with Beauty and the Beast coming in a close second.
  25. ..and in the past year and a half I've become way more attached to blogging than I ever imagined. 

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