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2014 Favorite Performances

Posted on the 19 February 2015 by Ikzidna @InspiredGround

In every movie, there has to be one character you loved the most. They don’t necessarily play as the lead, or appear in most scenes. Or be nominated in prestigious awards. But they managed to stole your heart, impressed you and maybe you don’t see them the same way as before.

There’s a lot of great performances in 2014 movies that they deserve to be mentioned, but there are favorites among them. I don’t categorized them as the lead or supporting, but combine them as it’s more of my personal favorites. Looking at my list it’s dominated by woman, maybe because I am and I can relate to them. They have double life and extraordinary roles. Here’s my version of 2014 Best Performances :

10. Patricia Arquette – Boyhood
 photo arquetteboyhood_zps44e7eab5.jpg

Who can really deny a mother’s role in each child’s lives? They are their cook, maid, driver, motivator and almost everything. Arquette delivers a strong mother taking care of two kids after being divorced by her ex-husband (Ethan Hawke) working and even managed to take college again, which Boyhood showed in 12 years. She simply portray how a good mother work 24-hours and everyday in a family, the one almost unbreakable. Undoubtedly, Arquette is my favorite thing from Boyhood.

9. Keira Knightley – Begin Again
 photo knightley_beginagain_zps33fa4d9e.jpg

Performing an idealistic musician, Knightley also sang the songs in Begin Again. She managed to show the strong and vulnerability side of an independent singer. More importantly she showed how music gives her room to express herself, not with roaring or showing herself to pieces, but with great lyrics and simple catchy tunes. The songs feels genuine and touching. This movie changed my opinion of Knightley whom I dislike before.

8. Emily Blunt – Edge of Tomorrow
 photo bluntedge_zpsa3b0b908.jpg

After being the young Queen of England, a mean assistant of fashion magazine editor, and leading woman in several romance movies, Blunt proven her range in action and sci-fi film by being the best soldier in the field in Edge of Tomorrow. She’s ruthless and fearless, still looked womanly and charming. I feel like I could rely on her when the world is conquered by dangerous aliens and robots. We hope to see more by the awesome Blunt in the future.

7. Mark Ruffalo – Foxcatcher
 photo ruffalo_foxcatcher_zpsf943b7b9.jpg

I won’t be putting Ruffalo in Foxcatcher if I hadn’t see him earlier in as a mess drunk but genius music producer in Begin Again. Compared each other, those two roles are like night and day. in Foxcatcher, Ruffalo plays an older brother who is like a father to his younger brother. Also a father of his own happy family, he is the famous and best wrestler followed by his brother. He’s the role model of his own family, a positive, affectionate and strong influence, a rock in his brother’s life. One of Ruffalo’s best performances.

6. Felicity Jones – The Theory of Everything


Though Stephen Hawking (Eddie Redmayne) have brilliant mind and ideas, he won’t be without the dedication of his wife, Jane (Felicity Jones). Still wants to marry Hawking knowing his limitations and her extended responsibility in their family, raising three kids and automatically being selfless of her own life. Jones managed to portray the layers of this woman amazingly well, the vulnerable, the desperate and the determined side. Seeing Felicity Jones in Like Crazy, I loved her big progress and happy to see her among the Oscar’s Best Actress nominees.

5. Andy Serkis – Dawn of The Planet of The Apes
 photo serkisdawn_zps10c2b266.jpg

To me, one of the best summer movie in 2014 was Dawn of The Planet of The Apes. Andy Serkis and the apes was certainly the key factor of the movie, showing the strong community of the apes and it’s because their leader, Caesar (Andy Serkis). Although most certainly the mimics and expression of the actors who played the apes were helped and polished by the visual effects, it somehow moved me as I can feel their anger, sadness and trauma caused by the humans. Serkis managed to pull a powerful leader, who once was being cared and hurt by humans.

4. Rosamund Pike – Gone Girl
 photo pikegonegirl_zps5b3a06dd.jpg

One of the best actress in a thriller movie from 2014 has got to be Rosamund Pike as the ‘amazing’ Amy in Gone Girl, a seemingly dedicated suburban wife to his far-from-perfect husband. Most definitely breaks the helpless image of wives, makes husband probably grateful with their normal wives. But Pike delivers a very cool and perfectionist dark side of a woman, one will regret to ever mess with her.

3. Jake Gyllenhaal - Nightcrawler
 photo nightcrawlerjake_zpsda2364d4.jpg

The difficulties of finding a job to pay bills can force people to be creative or survive. Gyllenhaal managed to be an obsessive and ambitious camera person in Nightcrawler. Being once in the close field of work, I can understand how news demands fresh footage but this movie redefine ‘fresh’ and moves it to be creepy. It was a one man show indeed, the spotlight to a man driven by his ambition too much they put aside humanity and healthy mind. The great thing is, we still love and sympathize to Gyllenhaal. It was his best work to date.

2. Edward Norton – Birdman
 photo nortonbirdman_zps4c8ae5d3.jpg

You can always expect something out of ordinary from a genius man, a man who is out of question of his work. But in Birdman, Norton did wowed me with his manipulation to the people he work with, just to stimulate the best acting. He did not care of the consequences of his unpleasant method, but he cares with the final performance. His antagonist side is fresh but at the same time appealing. After  American History X and Fight Club, Norton has establish himself as one of the best actor in the field today.

1. Laura Dern – Wild
 photo dern_wild_zps5bfc956b.jpg

After giving credits to antagonists before number 1, I’d like to hand the best performance to Laura Dern in Wild. Though her character is ‘hidden’ under her daughter’s pain, Dern managed to prove why she’s a positive influence and angel to her children. She’s been through bad abusive relationship, kids who can be ungrateful with her presence and have bills she can’t pay, but she still dances between doing chores and laugh like she has no burden. When she’s asked why she still laugh after all the problems, she simply said she’s happy with her life. I think she’s the strongest because she’s untouched with what can be the stress in life. Simply put, she inspired me.


Readers, what do you think about my favorite performances from 2014? What about you favorites?

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