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2014 Art Journal Project

By Kathybarbro @KathyBarbro
2014 Art Journal Project I’d like to share a new ongoing project that I am starting Monday – an art journal that students will create, build and grow themselves throughout the rest of the school year. After months of pricing ready-made options, I’ve found that an old box cover that is packing-taped to heavier cardboard, given a 2-hole punch, makes a great journal cover. Students will bring a box from home, as in their favorite cereal, etc. to make things more personal. The inside will be 9" x 12" drawing paper cut in half and hole punched, and the rings are the 1.75" school-variety that students may open up themselves. I love that this is recycled, inexpensive, flexible, personal, and something that I think students will take pride in building until it is thick with art and art studies.

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