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2013 : Top 10 Favorite

Posted on the 27 April 2014 by Ikzidna @InspiredGround

banner_top 10 2013 copyIt’s that time of the year where I posted my annual top 10 favorite list! I meant to post it earlier but got so many things to do after the big day. If you follow my letterboxd, you’d see my best movies 2013 list earlier. But there’s so many great films in 2013, and I also mean the ones with great stories, that I still changed the ranks the last minute (the rank between 5-10). But, the list is now official as I am published this post. (This post have 3 pages, so click the pages below the recommended links)

Before I get to the top 10, let’s review other categories. I think it’d be more fun and different to nominate some other stuffs I want to highlight. Some movies don’t appear in my top 10 for some reason, and some have ‘other’ titles. Let’s see :

underrated overrated

Most Overrated : American Hustle (I love the cast, but reading the original story just makes me roll my eyes)

Most Underrated : Rush (It’s in my top 10 and have an inspiring points, also based on true story, but didn’t get nominated at Oscars)

leto adele_performance_polaroid

Most Impressive Performance : Jared Leto in Dallas Buyer Club (Though have long ago worked as an actor, the guy was never really on the map until he won Oscars this year. It’s not really about the winning, but he showed his acting talent, the most true and heartbreaking, giving the story big points)

Most Refreshing Performance : Adèle Exarchopoulos in Blue is The Warmest Color (Her face expression was magnified on the screen for maybe 60 percent of the movie, but it didn’t bore you. She was like a blank canvas, so bare and naked, totally in her character)

gatsby warm bodies_polaroid

Most Fashionable : The Great Gatsby (The whole movie was like a gallery or glamorous painting, beautiful on every aspect of it. Loved every clothes in it)

Most Surprisingly Inspiring : Warm Bodies (What are the odds that a zombie movie actually have an inspiring message? It wasn’t the best, but made me appreciate more born as human)

best assemble_polaroid

Best Assemble : August : Osage County (A lot of anger and frustration in the story, but every actor in it gave 100 percent of their talent. I loved their performances and their chemistry worked great)

best couple_polaroid

Best On-Screen Couple : Julie Delpy & Ethan Hawke in Before Midnight (Already clicked and comfortable being a couple since two movies before, both still have the best couple chemistry I’ve ever seen in movies)

gravity_visual effect

Best Visual Effect : Gravity (There’s a lot of visual effects in movies each year now, but Gravity used most of it in the movie and not just for a pure show)


Most Controversial : The Wolf of Wall Street (I’ve never seen one movie showing every sin ever happened in the world appear in 3-hour movie. It’s also said to be the reality. Even so, Scorcese is a talented director)

big wedding_polaroid

Worst Movie : The Big Wedding (Every year, I tried my best not to see anything doesn’t worth my time. Sometimes I intended to see the movies that would likely be bad just to see how bad is it. This movie have an interesting and popular actors, but unfortunately have a bad cliche story, which is a real waste)


Moving on to the real list now

 Here’s my top 10 favorite 2013 movies :

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