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2013, Look Who’s Stalking :D

By Hendra @tukangminggat

Hey, thanks for every loyal reader or some visitor who might accidentally drop by at my newbie travel blog. Yeah, 2013 has just been passed and I am super excited when founding out some facts on the year blogging report. Some amazed me, especially when it told me who and where the most or the less visitor are from. Since I decided to englishize this blog, I got some more visit not only neighbor countries, but also far abroad. Really appreciate their spare time to visit. Thank you for 2013 and all great experiences I have had :)

Here are some list of countries which paid a blogwalk in 2013:

where are thre from

Top 20 Visitors were from:

  1. Indonesia (20279)-Of course, no wonder, I am Indonesian
  2. USA (2837)-Very honored to have this super power country leading as the second largest guest
  3. Philippines (429)-Don’t know that I have a huge reader from here too
  4. Australia (207)
  5. Thailand (152)-Khaw Phun Khrub, Thailand
  6. Russia (141)
  7. France (132)-Merci France, someday I will write about you, My dream destination since at the college!
  8. German (123)
  9. United Kingdom (120)
  10. Canada (109)
  11. India (104)-You’re on my next list!
  12. Malaysia (98)-Thanks neighbor!!
  13. Poland (86)
  14. Cambodia (80)
  15. Norway (75)
  16. Italy (74)-Gratzie! Loved to write about you soon!
  17. South Korea (74)-My fourth Seven natural wonders visit project will be
  18. Taiwan (71)
  19. Vietnam (71)-Cam On everybody

  20. Netherland (48)

Bottom 20 Visitors were from:

  1. Syria (2)-Such a surprise!
  2. Azerbaijan (2)
  3. Columbia (2)
  4. Venezuela (2)
  5. Chile (2)
  6. Latvia (2)
  7. Albania (2)
  8. Senegal (2)
  9. Serbia (2)-I always want to visit Balkans!
  10. Mongolia (2)
  11. Zimbabwe (2)-You are my next travel plan, promise you!
  12. Nicaragua (1)
  13. Costarica (1)-I watched your country on a reality show, and guess what, I directly put you on my bucket list!
  14. Bolivia (1)
  15. Belarus (1)
  16. Bosnia and Herzegovina (1)-You are exotic in different way, really craving for a visit!
  17. Sudan (1)
  18. Ethiopia (1)
  19. Rwanda (1)
  20. West Bank (1)-Seriously?? I’m so impressed, thank you

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Ps. For further about the annual report, kindly find it here.

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