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2011- The Year of the Groom!

By Claire

Staggered stag logoI am reliably informed that 2011 is the year of the groom. Or perhaps more accurately, it’s the year of the couple: while the traditional wedding industry still has its sights firmly set on the bride, enlightened suppliers are noticing the guy stood next to her too! About time, we think!

Did you know…

… 23% of brides said their groom had turned into a Groomzilla in planning the wedding

… in the 1960s 47% of brides’ fathers were asked for their daughters’ hand in marriage. In the 2000s just 15% were asked (hmmm something to do with wallets?!)

… in the 1960s 44% of fathers paid for their daughter’s wedding. In the 2000s just 17% of dads footed the bill (that’ll be a yes, then!)

(all stats sourced from the 2011 Staggered Directory)

Inside the 2011 Staggered Directory men's wedding advice book

In a nutshell, grooms are very much a part of weddings these days. And while the (lucky?!) chaps don’t have an array of glossy wedding magazines clamouring for their attention in every supermarket and newsagents, there’s far more advice and information out there for grooms than there was ten years ago.

If you know a groom who hasn’t seen then it’s worth giving him a nudge and telling him about the Staggered website. It’s not just about stag dos – it’s a brilliant resource for grooms with everything from speeches to suits, wedding nerves to real grooms’ stories.

Staggered men's wedding advice website

About Staggered men's wedding website

And with the launch of the 2011 Staggered Directory, grooms now have – and I quote – “108 pages of condensed advice, suggestions, ideas you can pass off as your own and fun, plus over 200 companies all offering to help make your wedding planning easier and naturally there are prizes to win as well”. Crikey.

Staggered men's wedding directory 2011

Seriously: the 2011 Staggered Directory is an informative, amusing and invaluable resource for every groom. And a funny, refreshing read for brides as well, especially if you’re finding the pink section in WHSmiths is a bit short on jokes.


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