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20 Ways to Tell If You Are Under Kids Party Pressure

By Stevezany @stevezany

20 Ways to Tell If You Are Under Kids Party Pressure - RI Magician Kids Party Ventriloquist Steve Zany

Kids Party Pressure? 20 Ways to Tell if You Are Under the Influence.

Making your child feel happy is the main goal of most any kids birthday party.

However, some moms and dads are unhappy when they can’t host a kids birthday party the way they’d ideally wish.

Are you under self-imposed pressure or feeling pressure from others around you to outdo your kids’ friends’ parties or even  to outdo yourself?

Here’s some ways to tell, courtesy of Birthdays Without Pressure, founded in part by Dr. Bill Doherty, a therapist and director of the Marriage and Family Therapy Program at the University of Minnesota.

Consider which statements, if any, might apply to you:

Do you…?

  1. feel under pressure to go over budget?
  2. believe it is necessary to invite more guests than you’re comfortable having?
  3. wish your child received fewer gifts?
  4. dread making gift bags for your party guests?
  5. wonder how you’re going to keep everyone occupied for the length of the party?
  6. spend  too much time shopping for your kids birthday party?
  7. wish your kids party was ideally shorter than you tend to plan them?
  8. have the feeling you are prepared or incapable of hosting a good kids party?
  9. have concerns whether your kids birthday party will be enjoyed by your child, their friends and adults in attendance?
  10. hate crying kids?
  11. find that kids whining makes your skin crawl?
  12. want to avoid kids melting down?
  13. not want to have to deal with reprimanding your child or other kids?
  14. go ballistic when kids get hyperactive?
  15. get the feeling that your kids party planning efforts will be under-appreciated?
  16. fill up with guilt if there is something about your kids party that your child doesn’t like?
  17. argue with your husband, wife or partner about the party and what’s appropriate?
  18. have anxiety that your neighbors and child’s friends throw a better kids birthday party?
  19. want to collapse out of exhaustion when the kids party has ended?
  20. feel exhausted when it’s all over

One solution to the above type situations is to throw a simpler party with fewer kids and a shorter time frame. However, many parents tell me, it just isn’t possible, for a variety of reasons. In such cases, hiring a kids party magician or other form of professional children’s entertainment can really relieve you of a lot of the above types of pressures. It’s a kids party idea worth considering, at a minimum.

The bottom line is your kids birthday party doesn’t need to be over-the-top. Take comfort in knowing there are ways to reduce your stress levels and pressure you may feel under. I hope you will find many of those stress relieving ideas throughout my ‘Kids Party Ideas’ blog.

And remember, while over-the-top kids parties have become a problem in our culture, with some advance thought on your party, along with planning and the right resources, you can throw a great kids party on a modest budget while avoiding being sucked into the “perfect kids birthday party” syndrome.

If I can be an advisor to you in that regard, I hope you’ll reach out to me, even for a free party consultation.

Magical wishes,

Steve Zany, RI Magician Ventriloquist

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