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20 Things You Can Throw Away

By Rolala @rolalaloves
20 Things You Can Throw Away, Things You Can Throw Away, Things You Should Throw Away. Decluttering Tips
Other than a certain sense of satisfaction and invigoration that comes with getting rid of things and clearing up clutter in your home, keeping a clean and tidy home has been shown to have actual benefits for our health.  A UCLA study concluded that living in a cluttered home can create a subtle, and constant sense of stress.  This is because anxiety over clutter can lead to increased levels of cortisol which can disrupt sleep, thus increasing fatigue and affecting hormone levels. There is also research that shows it can even lead to weight gain.
That's as good an incentive as any to sort through the clutter that may have been accumulating in your home and this is the perfect time to do that as a way to kick off the new year in a positive way. To help, here is a list of 20 items that you can get throw away, donate or recycle. You won't miss these at all once they're gone.

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