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20-Somethings: You've Got Time

By Whimofthesouth

{10 Reasons You Don't Have To Have It All Figured Out In Your 20's}

It's easy to sit outside and judge the life of a twenty something year old. We party, we make mistakes, we make rash decisions, and are somewhat self destructive in those decisions. But we are also establishing ourselves, learning from those mistakes, and becoming the person we are meant to be through those experiences. Let me let you in on a little something, you DON'T have to have it all figured out in your twenties. Your twenties don't amount to even half of your life span and the idea that we should have learned everything we needed to in order to survive the next forty years of our lives in INSANE! I can peg so many times people have asked me what I'm doing with the rest of my life and I can honestly say I DON'T KNOW. Life is filled with so many twists and turns that none of us can predict what we want to do for the rest of our lives or even where we will be a year from now. In our generation so many opportunities will arise that we will jump to take and that will insanely change the course that our life is taking. 

The 10 BIG reasons you don't have to have it all figured out in your 20's are:

1. Your life is JUST beginning. You have just left your parents home (maybe it's been a few years) but this is your time to spread your wings and figure out if you're going to be able to take off right away or if you need some practice.

2. You are GOING to make mistakes and if anyone tells you differently, they weren't doing it right. Our mistakes are what help us understand what works and what doesn't work in your life. It's like when you were two years old and your mom told you not to touch the stove because it was hot but you touched it anyhow. YOU have to experience things for yourself and no one can give you their experience to be able to explain it.

3. Your soulmate  is probably going to be one of 3 or 4 people that you absolutely believe you are going to spend your life with. The thing is that you have to be able to date and understand what you do and don't like in people and each little relationship OR big relationship you go through helps you to determine what you can live with and eventually, who you don't want to live without. 

4. Your career is going to change multiple times before you get comfortable in one for awhile. And guess what, it's going to change again. Just like your major changed a few times in college, your passions are going to adapt and with that the career path that you want to follow. 

5. Your friend group is going to change. Your college friends are going to move away and you're going to have to readjust and eventually you're going to have your work friends and then friends you go out with. And eventually, your couple friends when you find that person. 

6. Moving is a huge part of being in your twenties. This is the time that you're going to move in order to attend grad school, law school, or some other masters program. You'll move for a job offer. Or just for the hell of it. This is the time to make the big changes and moving is one of them. It doesn't matter if you move alone or if you move with friends. MAKE that adventure and leave your footprint in a different state, maybe even a different country. 

7. Your life experiences are going to determine a lot of your big decisions. Meaning those mistakes you made, whether it was dating the wrong guy, taking the wrong job, overworking yourself, or whatever...THOSE experiences are going to help you decide what on earth you want to do and how you want to do it. 

8. Life is constantly changing. There is no stopping it and it stops for no one. If something happens that is out of control, life won't stop. Change in life is one of the only constants you will experience.

9. This is the most life you're going to have in you. THIS is the time to travel, treat yourself with an entire paycheck, and be kind to yourself. It's not the time to think about other people. 

10. You're allowed to go out and have a good time. I think that we tend to forget that. This is the time you should be having fun and feel free and rebellious. 

People are going to judge your decisions but this is YOUR time. Be selfish. Be free. Be irresponsible. Because eventually you're going to settle down, you're going to have an amazing career, & that will be perfect when that happens. But for now go out and date random guys with tattoos that your parents may or may not approve of, go sky diving and check it off your bucket list, and go out when you want to. Your 20's are YOUR years. xoBCC

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