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20 Modern Bathroom Designs

By Jakemontgomery @LTDOnlineStores

Modern bathrooms are characterized with a sense of serenity that leaves quite an impression. So just what does a modern bathroom look like you ask? Modern bathroom designs are characteristically simple, tending to shy away from ornate decorations and accents. Rather the modern look is clean and inviting as to keep from overwhelming guests.

The shift towards a new style of architecture and design began in the early 19th century. Modern design marked a shift away from traditional decor that was often hand-crafted and intricately detailed. I was looking for images that would capture the essence of modern bathroom design. The results are awe-inspiring yet all the while unique.

Luxury Red Bathroom

The Qualities of Modern Bathrooms

There is no one single cookie-cutter model that is followed to create a modern bathroom. Modern bathrooms take a piece from the pages of Minimalist bathroom designs which place a clear emphasis on simplicity and sharp lines. Modern bathrooms typically employ black and white ploys, however, a wide range of colors has been seen in contemporary designs more recently. Yes, there is a difference between modern and contemporary.

Modern bathrooms are commonly found with open space designs that create airy and spacious feel. Free-standing showers lace together the luxury feeling that every homeowner desires. Free-standing not your preference? Others choose to go with curbless showers that can replace the existing area in your bathroom.

Originally I wanted to create short list of maybe five to ten modern bath designs but I couldn’t help it! Some of these layouts had me in awe. The creativity, thoughtfulness, and the resulting display is powerful. Modern bathrooms can draw out undeniable emotions that leave you inclined to feel a special way.

Modern Bathroom Design Layouts

Bathroom Modern
Special attention has been paid to every inch of this bathroom.  From the engineered wood flooring to the smoked ceiling, this is a true masterpiece.

White Modern Bathroom
Modern Bathroom Design 2014
Black and white Modern Bath
Enot Residence Bathroom

Simplistic bathroom

This design is scaled back a bit for those who prefer a traditional glow in their master bath.  This room stands out because of the sconces that are mounted through the mirror.

Modern bath
Recessed lighting is a staple in modern home decor.  These ones are framed with chrome accents to really make them shine.

Floating Bathroom Rack
This curvaceous floating bathroom rack is custom built to add a little pizzazz to this modern bathroom.  The wooden shutters and lining along the tub bring together the natural feel of this room.

Wood Japanese Soaking Tub

Zen-inspired bathroom in Brentwood, California that focuses around a wooden Japanese soaking tub.

2011 Stampede Dream Home Modern Bath

This photo is pulled from the 2011 Stampede Dream Home.  What stands out are the beautiful Tierra Sol, Murano Shell Bianco Mosaic Tiles accompanied by a wall-mounted vanity.

Bath Design

Made from completely sustainable materials, this bathroom shows you that you can go green and without losing any aesthetic appeal!  The open space beneath the countertop makes for an ideal nook to store linens.

Large Window Bathroom Shower
Interior by Robert Nebolon and Sarah Bertmam.  If you look closely, you’ll notice that the shower floors are made from small carrara marble tiles.  A window inside the shower allows natural sunlight to pour in.

Limestone Bath

Limestone bath by Josh Mchugh with a custom shower door handle from CR Laurence. Notice the combination of stainless steel and chrome.  This is not very common but worked out well here!

Bathroom Design Modern
This bathroom blends together very well thanks to the frameless mirrors and the curbless shower.  This eliminates borders to create a holistic spaces.

Blue Mosaic Shower TIle
Black modern bathroom

Sleek Modern Bathroom

Black wood floors and a black mirror frame.  The inside of the vessel sinks are pure white to contrast the rest of the room.

Modern Vanity with a Lacquered red finish

A lacquered sporty red finish adds a flare to this bathroom.  Put alongside a Lucite chair and stripes of mosaic tile running along the floor, this bathroom is surely one of a kind.

Red Floating Vanity Glass Sinks

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*All Images found via Houzz.com and Pinterest.*

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