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2 Years of Blogging: What I’ve Learned

By Shauntee @shaunteebattie

shawana2yearsWhat has 2 Years of Blogging Taught Me

Well they say you live and you learn but I’m changing that phrase to you blog and you learn. Last month marked 2 years of blogging. The anniversary of me carving out my little itsy bitsy place on the big scary web. Where does the time go?

When I started blogging, I really didn’t have a purpose and still don’t. I didn’t start blogging for monetary benefits, to get stuff free, or to gain sponsored opportunities. I started blogging just because I’m opinionated and like to share my thoughts hoping that someone out there may benefit in some small way from what I write.

If any bloggers are reading this, then you already know that blogging doesn’t get you filthy rich. Hell, it doesn’t even get you close to it. I’m not trying to build a brand because I don’t have the time. I’m also not here to pretend like I’m an expert in any field because like you, I learn something new every day.

2 years of blogging has taught me a few things

 Blog Snobbery Does Exist

I read a blog post by someone a few months ago who attended a blogging conference. I remember reading that she felt as though some of the bloggers were snobbish and not too friendly. When I first started blogging, I joined a Facebook group for bloggers. I was met with nothing but shadiness from mean ass beauty bloggers. I don’t care how much mascara and lipstick you blog about; if your personality is messed up, all of that goes out the window. Once I made that known, I was kicked out the group. Really!

Blogging is sometimes hard, Life Happens

I feel bad when I can’t post as much as I would like, but life happens to me all the time. I can’t spend hours a day promoting my blog because I work a full time job. I’m not some housewife blogging as a hobby. Blogging gets challenging! I come home from work and sometimes my brain doesn’t work; so I try again the next day.

Life happens and yeah I'm suffering from brain overload syndrome BOS

Life happens and yeah I’m suffering from brain overload syndrome BOS

People do steal your thoughts and ideas

Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery there is.  There are bloggers out here who will steal your ideas and your thoughts that you worked out to put out to the world and use it for their blog.  It basically comes with the territory.

Readers will curse you out for talking about their favorite celebrity

I got cursed out via e-mail for writing about Gabrielle Union. I guess she’s paying her bills because home girl went straight in on me for writing about Gabrielle Union and her relationship with Dwayne Wade. Unless a celebrity is contributing to your monthly income; you shouldn’t care that much!

Write what you feel not what you think someone wants to read

I write what I honestly feel. I don’t write what I think people want to read. I write about my experiences and how I feel about them. I write about real life and the fabulous or not so fabulous times that I have. It’s called being authentic.

There are some really great blogs that I’ve learned a lot from

It’s definitely not all bad! There are some really great blogs out there that has given me a ton of info. Everything from new recipes to new hair extension brands, I’ve picked up from reading other people’s blogs. And for some, I just really enjoy reading about someone’s life other than a celebrity.

Can’t wait to see where another two years takes me!

Every year we should strive to learn something new. What have you experienced this year that taught you something?

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