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2 Parks & Rec Eps, 1 Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Better Call Saul

Posted on the 18 February 2015 by Kristy47 @watchingwaytoomuch

2 Parks & Rec Eps, 1 Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Better Call Saul
THE ANSWER TO TUESDAY'S TRIVIA QUESTION: Ben Affleck was NOT nominated for Best Director for Argo even though the movie won the Best Picture award for 2013.
FIRST FIVES: Bobby Aguilera, James Gabriele, Karen Heniger, Mike O'Dea & Dave DeSocio
Monday's Broadcast Top 5
The Bachelor-ABC 2.5/8.8
Mike & Molly-CBS 2.2/9.1
2 Broke Girls-CBS 2.2/8.6
Gotham-FOX 2.1/6.1
Castle-ABC 1.6/8.4
Monday's Cable Top 5
Monday's Top 5 Nielsen Twitter Ratings Stevie Wonder Tribute-CBS 189,000 Tweets
WWE Monday Night Raw-USA 158,000 Tweets
The Bachelor-ABC 111,000 Tweets
Kobe: The Interview-NBA 32,000 Tweets
Westminster Dog Show-CNBC 27,000 Tweets
Parks & Rec Clocks ticking and Parks was wrapping even more things up for us last night. The first episode was perhaps one of my top 5 of all time. It was Andy's last entire Johnny Karate show. It was a brilliant idea and a hilarious spoof on kids shows. Actually, I bet Nickelodeon or Disney would save Johnny Karate if it was a real show. We'd never seen the entire show before. It's a great! I'm sure if Chris Pratt wasn't a mega star, he could just go be Johnny Karate RIGHT NOW! The show had everything from film noir, cool touch screens, FBI Agent Burt Macklin, April's Animal Corner which led to Loose Animal in the Studio and the longest most hilarious disclaimer from the law office of Fwar, Dips, Winshares, Gritt, Nelsson, Woba, Eraplus, Zswing, Range-Factor, Heart, Babp, Pecota, Vorp &Eckstein (anyone get what most of these are?) The show also featured the 5 Karate Moves of Success. If you know them let me know for some bonus points. There were fake commercials and then it happened, NBC and the Parks and Rec writers gave me a gift. April got upset and felt that she was pulling Andy away from doing what he loved, but Andy loves April more than Johnny Karate, she's what keeps him going. He actually said these words "You're what keeps me going, your my VERIZON, Chipotle Exxon. I FREAKED OUT!!! YEAH VERIZON (and yeah Chipotle, I don't really have feelings for Exxon but okay, yeah Exxon too.) When I checked Twitter this is what I saw: 
2 Parks & Rec Eps, 1 Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Better Call Saul
The second to last episode tied up even more for all of us, and gave us a huge, hilarious mega twist. 2 very important people died: Bill Murray who was apparently the Mayor of Pawnee was the towns first loss and Ben and April had to find a temporary replacement. Some great cameos during the search. Paul Rudd, Henry Winkler Sam Elliot sans mustache which was freaky, and Nick Kroll (Amy Poehler's real life BF) all reprised their hilarious characters. In the end, guess who got the gig and the best inauguration ever? Jerry/Terry/Larry Garry Gergich!  Yeah, finally something nice for Garry! I had one teeny tiny issue with the inauguration. Sure they had banners, a choir, a hot air balloon, knights, a chariot and fireworks, but it didnt have his wife, Christie Brinkley. Scheduling problem? What's Christie so busy with? The other guy that died was Ron's barber, Salvatore which totallllly bummed Ron out.  Salvatore was the craftsman behind Ron's amazing coif, and according to Ron, a mans barber is one of the 3 most important men in a man's life. The other two would be his butcher and his lover. I'm going to miss Ron Swanson. OMG he's my favorite. I'll pay tribute next week, I promise. While Ben and April were working on the search for an interim mayor, Leslie and Tom were busy orchestrating an over the top marriage proposal that Tom blew off for a more sentimental one at the last minute. The good news, Lucy said yes! Tom Haverford is getting married! I'm going to savor these two eps until I pull myself out of denial next week and say goodbye to another one of my beloved TV families. If you've never been a Parks & Rec person, binge it now and thank me later! (Only if you've already watched Friday Night Lights, that's the priority)
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Okay so last nights episode was sort of boring. Brandi's doing a 21 day cleanse which means no alcohol. If  she and Kim are both on the wagon, there's very little drama. 
These days there's a lot of fake therapy going on. Lisa Rinna and Eileen are both so normal that they bring their therapist hats to everything. Sometimes it bugs me. Eileen and Vince had everyone over to read his script. Is that a Hollywood thing? Do people really do things like that? It seemed super odd to me. Odder yet was Lisa's surprise party. There wasn't karaoke, but Lisa made Brandi sing an apology which was mortifying and then even more mortifying was Lisa, Lisa, Kyle and Eileen singing about [email protected] jobs. WTF is with these women. Did you see the pink diamond ring Ken bought Lisa for her birthday? We've seen it before in a past episode when she went shopping, so Ken did have some help. Still a crazy good gift. Thanks Ken, hope it got ya SOMETHING that night! I know Yolanda's battling Lyme's Disease and trying everything but did you see all those bags of vitamins and pills? She must spend the entire day just making those packs of pills and taking them. Good thing she has enough dough to keep up with the ziploc bags. Get well soon, Yo!
Better Call Saul I was wondering when Jimmy McGill would finnnnnallly get a break. I mean it was rough there for a while right? He tried to warn the Kettlemen, that didn't go well, then he tried to help Nacho and his car died and he was picked up by the cops and then Nacho threatened his life and of course with all the stress he had no time for those damn parking stickers and Mike just couldn't take it anymore. Yet it was Mike who finally gave Jimmy his break. Not just one, but two. He didn't press charges AND he gave him some idea where the missing family could be. With Mike's insight, Jimmy went to the desert behind their house and there they were, camping and singing. If finding them wasn't amazing enough guess what else he found in that tent in the desert? THE MONEY! Finally something good happens for Jimmy. I'm guessing this was the beginning of their beautiful friendship. BTW, I love Kim and knew I'd seen her before. The actresses name is Rhea Seehorn (no relation to Jason) I knew her from Whitney and Franklin & Bash. She too finally got a big break, starring in this show. Congrats Rhea. THE OTHER STUFF
2 Parks & Rec Eps, 1 Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Better Call Saul-Congratulations to Jimmy Fallon on the 1st Anniversary of his Tonight Show. Ben and Jerry's has created a brand new flavor to celebrate this momentous occasion.  I gotta get me some Tonight Dough! It has Caramel and chocolate ice cream with chocolate cookie swirls, gobs of  regular cookie dough and gobs of peanut butter cookie dough. I still have the container of Jimmy's Late Night Snack Ice Cream from when he was on Late Show. Can't wait to add this container to my collection.
-I'm a HUGE John Oliver fan. (he was on Jimmy's show last night) I admit, I've only recently jumped on his bandwagon. I love his HBO show and went to see him live a few weeks ago. I'm now obsessed with him. I thought it was a done deal, slam dunk,  he'd replace Jon Stewart, but HBO locked him down for 2 more seasons so he definitely WON'T be replacing Jon. Happy for me, but now I don't have a clue who could take Jon's place. Any suggestions?
-My Mom will be thrilled that TLC renewed Sister Wives for a 6th Season. Congrats, Mom.
-Another bunch of cable nets going to Live+3, all of the Discovery nets are jumping on the bandwagon along with NBCU, FX, HBO and Showtime. Good for them, as an advertiser, again, this is meaningless. It's funny to me really. They can use all the inflated numbers they want to show how much their shows are being viewed but they still need ad dollars to keep the shows on the air. (Well, maybe not HBO or Showtime) If the nets are going to use Live + numbers those numbers include time shifting which to me equals commercial skipping. Why would any advertiser use or care about those numbers? Smoke and mirrors, that's all it is. 
Wednesday's Trivia Question: Julia Roberts was nominated for 4 Oscars but has only won one. Name the 3 movies she was nominated for and the 1 movie she won for. 
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