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2 Months Passed In The Blink Of An Eye

By Fashion Rhetoric
Ok ok first things first, I want to apologize profusely to my readers for my sudden disappearing act the past couple of months. Sorry guys! I would love to say that I have an exciting reason for my departure but sadly I do not. Unless being driven crazy and irate by incompetence and getting a new job count as exciting, then I am afraid my excuses are just mundane!!
The first few weeks were, in my defence completely out of my control and solely the fault of my "at the time" incompetent internet provider; Orange. Who, in their inability to follow instructions correctly; took it upon themselves to cancel our internet connection 2 weeks earlier than we asked for. Thus leaving us with no internet for a number of weeks - which makes doing anything in the modern world a tad difficult, and blogging somewhat impossible.
Clipart - Woman swearing at paperwork
This debacle, still didn't end once we signed up to Sky either; as we couldn't connect until a week after the router arrived because the Orange contract was still ongoing. (Despite our non-existent service from Orange Aaaaaaaargh!!) To say I was unimpressed and annoyed, is somewhat of a massive understatement and the whole experience was a huge inconvenience to boot!!
However on a brighter note, you may have gathered that our internet issues have now been resolved and I'm back in the cyber world- whooohooo!!
"Working 9 till 5, what a way to make a livin" Dolly Parton
In the words of Dolly Parton; "working 9 to 5" is another part of the reason as to why I have been MIA from my blog. In the atypical way that my life tends to take, I unexpectantly landed myself a full time job just before Christmas. The irony of the situation was that I wasn't even looking for employment at the time hahaha!!
"Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans." John Lennon
I was too busy planning out the whole of December, allocating days and weeks aside to make Christmas presents for family and friends. October and November had been taken up by me Pinteresting like a crazy person. Seeking out a whole host of amazing D.I.Y projects suitable to make as gifts for all my loved ones. So getting a job, kinda threw a spanner into my best laid plans.
Which meant December turned into a super hectic month with lots of late nights working in away in Santa's workshop. That being said, all our hard work paid off and was definitely worth all the effort, as our handmade gifts went down well with all recipients!!
Here are a few pictures of some of the gifts we made.......
D.I.Y Christmas Presents - December 2012
So now that the hectic festive period is well and truly over, I can get back into blogging in my spare time-Yey!! Here's to 2013 and all the blogging it may bring.......
2 Months Passed In The Blink Of An Eye

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