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2 Major Steps To Building Your Individuality

By Lifestreasury

2 Major Steps To Building Your IndividualityIndividuality means the quality or character of a particular person that distinguishes them from others of the same kind, especially when strongly marked.
As individuals we always tend to fall off track from this perspective. If we have to build ourselves to be people who make a difference, then we have to first consider ourselves as individuals.
Do we want to make people happy? Yes, we do!  But what happens when in the course of making people happy you tend to loose who you really are?
We have to mind the actions we take so as not to be taken for granted and not loose ourselves.
How then can we build up our individuality?
Know your priorities and sticking to them: make your priorities clear enough to be able to influence a few of your decisions which includes; choosing a friend, a spouse, a career and an apartment.
Identify with an environment that you are needed: I once heard someone say "Never go to where you are celebrated" These does not mean a place where upon your arrival they will give a standing ovation.
It simply means an environment where before you leave you will get at least one person cheering you and smiling.
They are a lot more but I will discuss just these two.
The benefits of identifying with these two is simple.
It helps you to retain your worth and value.
Most times the environment we find ourselves tend to dent our individuality leaving us stuck with a style or character that is not ours.
And remember as a person who wants to make an influence you owe it to yourself and the people around you to possess that individuality that reflects who you truly are.
So tell me, what factors do you believe dent people's individuality?

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