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2 Goldbergs, Survivor and Nashville

Posted on the 16 April 2015 by Kristy47 @watchingwaytoomuch

2 Goldbergs, Survivor and Nashville

THE ANSWER TO WEDNESDAY'S TRIVIA QUESTION: Of course the James Corden/Jon Cryer video was from Pretty in Pink...it said it right in the title. Figured you all need a "Tax Break" I kill myself... FIRST FIVES: Karen Heniger, Elke Raskob, Mike O'Dea, Dave DeSocio & Phyllis DiCesare HONORABLE MENTION: Jim Carter

Tuesdays Broadcast Top 5
The Voice-NBC 2.4/10.3
NCIS-CBS 1.9/15.4
NCIS New Orleans-CBS 1.8/14.0
Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - ABC 1.6/3.9
Undateable-NBC 1.5/5.2
Tuesday's Cable Top 5
Deadliest Catch-Discovery 1.2/3.2
American Dad-Adult Swim 1.1/2.2
The Big Bang Theory-TBS .8/2.4
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills-Bravo .8/1.9
19 Kids and Counting-TLC .7/1.9

Tuesday's Twitter Top 5 Primetime Ratings 

The Voice-NBC 731,000 Tweets
Being Mary Jane-BET 58,000 Tweets
Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D-ABC 36,000 Tweets
Justified-BET 58,000 Tweets
2015 Draft Academy-ESPN2 3,000 Tweets


Survivor Rodney wasn't a major part of this weeks episode of Survivor but he did have the best line of the night proving what we all knew to be true. He sure isn't the sharpest tool in the shed put he's definitely a tool. "I don't need no more friends, what I need is zeros in my bank account." What a d*ck. I was really pissed off at Jen for wanting to get voted out. It always makes me angry when people want to quit the game. I know it makes Probst angry too. Does the team name "Merica" bug the sh!t out of anyone else other than me? Also annoying…Mike's voice. It always sounds like he needs to clear his throat and then I clear my throat so that maybe he'll hear me and get the hint. YES, I KNOW, I'M NUTS! Congrats to the M&M Mars people for a very well executed integration. Was Mike on their payroll or was that just luck? He apparently has a thing for Snickers? I wonder if that was on the application. What was that THING on Sierra's neck? She better have someone take a look at that. Whatever it is, it can't be good. The reward challenge this week was really dangerous, no? Everyone had marks and bruises all over. The game masters should have tested that one a few more times. Sorry to see Joe and his Rosanne Rosannadana hair go, but it was the right move. Gotta be honest, I had no idea what was going on at that tribal last night.  The Goldbergs Episode #1
Ritz and spray cheese, yes, we ate that in my house too! So many good throwbacks in this one. Fluff, Booberry, Gimbels, the photo cube and you'll have to give me the song, I'm not giving it to you this week. Barry attempted to get Murray's respect by getting a job, but come on, who'd hire Barry? Of course he got fired after 2 days at the Pizza place, he couldn't read a map and Google Maps was 30 years away. Murray was still proud of Barry which totally pissed Erica off big time. Of course Murray made things right and ALMOST had a beer with his daughter, but Bev snagged them just in time. Bev was in rare form this week when Shmoopie Adam was failing Spanish. I felt for the kid, I had a hard time in Spanish too. I guess if he knew he'd need it to negotiate with his Nanny 25 years later maybe he could have worked harder.

The Goldbergs Episode #2
I totally forgot all about American Gladiators. That was a great show though wasn't it? Loved all of Barry's moves too. I actually thought about executing the "Waffle Belly" but the JOCKSYGEN Mask...classic. Barry and the JTP were having some issues with the Meadowbrook Mafia over at the Wawa so he needed to brush up on his moves and try out for the show. Adam sent the audition video to America's Funniest Home Videos instead. Is it my imagination or is Pops always eating? Erica got into the Reagan/Mondale election and so did Bev. Of course Bev was for Reagan because Murray was for Reagan and gave her a cheat sheet prior to going into the voting booth. Loved the shout out to Heather Locklear and her amazing feathered hair. I believe my friends and I spent hours trying to get our hair to feather just like hers. She rocked the feathers. I know Farrah Fawcett gets the credit for putting feathered hair on the map, but Heather took it to a whole new level. Trust me, we spent hours debating this. The burger phone made a rare appearance this week and Adam broke out the Knight Rider tee. Damn I love this show. Bev Goldberg rocks. Nashville Let's get the big news out of the way: Juliette and Avery's baby name is…CADENCE. I actually really like it. Knowing Juliette, I assumed she'd have help the second that baby exited the birth canal. It took her a few meltdowns and a job, but she called Dial-A-Nanny and got one. Avery had no idea and came home to some stranger holding his daughter. Rather than even give the Nanny thing a try, he's thinking of becoming Mr. Mom and quitting the band for awhile. That's probably what Gunner and Scarlett need to finally get together, but I'm betting that doesn't happen til the season finale. Rayna found out about Cole and Maddie and handled it like any Mom would, 1st row seats to the Jade/Xtina concert. No idea how Xtina's agent was able to convince NBC to let her guest star on an ABC show while she's on The Voice, but he definitely earned his commission big time. Jade's Jeff's ex. We don't know what she did to the guy but she did something. He did reach out to her for a favor, but that's because his girlfriend/client Layla needed a gig. Luckily she and Jade both killed. Biggest news of the night, Will finalllllly got some guy action. Lonnnnnng smmooochy smooch, no punches were thrown and he didn't run away from this one.  Yeah Will., progress! THE OTHER STUFF

-The Dennis Quaid video I posted yesterday was apparently a Funny or Die prank. I honestly had no idea. It was pretty good. Congrats Funny or Die people…you got me.

-Season 3 of Orange is the New Black hasn't even premiered yet but it's already been renewed for a 4th Season. That show could theoretically go on forever if cast right. At this point, Piper's the least interesting inmate. OZ was 6 seasons and could have kept going. Prison shows,  if done right, can live forever. Orange jump suits don't go out of style and crazy characters are always breaking the law. 

-In addition to BBC America's  Orphan Black marathon this weekend, Amazon has made the etnire series free for a limited time. So if I didn't tell you enough yesterday, and BBC America didn't convince you, take Amazon's gift and GO WATCH!

-Emerald City had been cancelled, but NBC just ordered 10 more episodes of this one. I have a Wizard of Oz phobia (long story) so anything Wizard of Ozzy, I'm out.

-Conan O'Brien was the first late night talk show host to go to Cuba in 50 years. I haven't seen the "very special" episode yet, but 3.7 milllllion people have checked out Conan in Cuba. I know a lot of people and can't find anyone who did in fact watch Conan O'Brien in Cuba. If you did, let me know if I should watch! 

-Netflix doesn't reveal much with regard to numbers really. During their earnings call yesterday though they did reveal that they added 4.9 million subscribers in the last 90 days which was a record for them. 2.3 million were from the US. Total paid subscribers...62 million. So let me do the math. If there are 62 million all paying 8 bucks a month that's 496 million bucks a month! So that would be 6 billion a year, right? Sheesh. That's a LOT of dough!
Thursday's Trivia Question: I have no idea why I thought of this on the way in this AM, but I couldn't remember the names of the Banks kids on Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Soooo help a girl out. One point for each of them. WWTM-Kristy Like me on Facebook at Watching Way Too Much
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