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15 Adrenaline-Pumping Adventures You Can Do in Cebu

By Adrenaline Romance @AdrenalnRomance


Cebu is more than a slim, tropical island in the middle of the Philippines. It is our humble home; our house is in its satellite island of Mactan. While Cebu is a highly urbanized, progressive, and ultramodern city, there is always something for those who love the outdoors. There is always something for those who love to discover the real history and culture of Cebu.

Want to visit our island? Here is a list of exciting adventures that you can do while you’re here.

1. Mountaineering


Climb Mt. Km 28, Mt. Makatol, Mt. Hambubuyog, and other peaks of Cebu. While Cebu’s mountains are nowhere near the giants in other places around the country or the world, they hold up to their own. Climbing our mountains here do not require technical skills, and hiking to their summits just requires a trek or, at most, rock scrambling. Of course, all the way, you will have a visual feast of green farmlands, lush landscapes, and even glittering cities.

2. Rock climbing


Feel the adrenaline pump up in massive quantities in your arteries and veins as you scale up the pure limestone rock walls of Poog and Cantabaco. The cliffs are unmodified, so with each pull, with each step, you feel connected to Mother Nature. Rock climbing can be a sport where you can compete in, a weekend exercise, or just an avenue of fun.

3. Trekking


Cebu has some of the best hiking trails for novice and amateur trekkers. Most of these trails are well established since they are mostly used by farmers, loggers, hunters, and villagers. However, there are wild ones, either carved by water erosion, left behind by dried riverbeds, or jutting out of thick foliage. Also, the real estate giant Aboitizland recently opened Foressa Trails, a 253-hectare adventure park with established trails that are designed according to US Forest Service standards.

4. Biking


A proliferation of bike shops in the city, the regular hosting of Ironman races, and the increasing interest for outdoor adventures altogether gave rise to the rising popularity of biking. Pedal on fast roads around the city or on highways to faraway towns. Or test your biking skills in rugged trails that wind along Cebu’s scenic highlands and rural areas.

5. Scuba diving, free diving, and snorkeling


Cebu is surrounded by turquoise wasters that hide massive, vibrant, and colorful reefs. And those do not include lonely seamounts, mysterious underwater caves, and coral-encrusted walls. See the stunning kingdom beneath the waves through scuba diving, free diving, or snorkeling. Introduce yourself to fish, turtles, dolphins, and the occasional shark or whale. There are lots of outfitters in Moalboal, Malapascua, Mactan, and other popular dive spots. They will be more than happy to help you explore the blue world.

6. Beach Hopping


Postcards, travel magazines, TV ads, and other media have shown just how gorgeous the beaches of Cebu are. Whether they are made up of fine white sand, coarse brown sand, razor-sharp rocks, or smooth pebbles, they have their own unique characteristics. Cebu’s beaches are quite accessible, so don’t be surprised if you find a lot of locals enjoying the cool waters for a refreshing dip.

7. Island Hopping

Pescador Island

Are the mainland beaches too crowded or commercialized for your taste? Well, some of the best beaches, isolated shores, and interesting destinations are located in small islands and islets off the shore of mainland Cebu. To reach them, you need to ride a traditional banca. Island hopping is an adventure in itself, and it’s more fun if you do it with friends, colleagues, and family members.

8. Aqua sports


The seas around Cebu offer a vast playground for eager aqua enthusiasts. Whether you love wakeboarding, paragliding, jetskiing, riding in a speedboat, or kayaking, there is always something in Cebu for you. LGUs around the island are also finding ways of bringing aqua activities in the rivers in their own municipalities.

9. Waterfalls hopping


Cebu has many beautiful rivers. And where there are rivers, there are amazing waterfalls! Each waterfall has its own set of characteristics, from towering ones like Inambakan Falls to cascading ones like Aguinid Falls. Reaching these waterfalls can be as easy as a walk on a concrete pathway. But some may require a full-fledged adventure that include scrambling up slippery boulders, climbing up rock faces, or trekking into a thick jungle.

10. Running


(Photo credit: Apol Antenor)

Running has truly taken Cebu by storm! Cebu is a popular venue for international and national marathons as well as Ironman competitions. And often on weekends, various entities organize fun runs and trail runs. So strap your shoes, make sure your water bottles and Camelbacks are filled, and run those paths to success.

11. Caving


Cebu is not exactly known as a caving destination, but that’s just because we haven’t explored them! True, there are popular ones like the Agta Cave in Argao, White Cave in Minglanilia, and Mainit Mabugnaw Cave in Jaclupan. But Cebu being an island primarily made of limestone, we’re sure there are seldom seen, beautiful, and enchanting caverns under our island.

12. Skydiving


(Photo credit: Skydive Greater Cebu)

How does it feel to jump out of an airplane at 10,000 feet? We still don’t know, but we believe it’s going to be super awesome! Your dream of being a bird—temporarily, of course—can now come true. Skydive Greater Cebu is the sole skydiving outfitter in Cebu, and they’re located in the Santa Fe in Bantayan Island, a small tropical paradise north of Cebu.

13. Food Trips


Are you a foodie or culinary critic? Then you will love it here in Cebu, a food adventure capital. You see, each village, town, city, or municipality has its own set of delicacies. Try out the juicy lechon in Carcar, the soft torta of Argao, the chewy masi of Liloan, and more. Forget your cholesterol level; you won’t be able to resist the sumptuous and unique foodstuff here!

14. Urban and adventure park activities


Worry not if you are the non-outdoorsy type of person. There are still adrenaline-pumping activities that you can do. Adventure parks such as Papa Kit’s Marina and Fishing Lagoon has a myriad of adventures—zip line, ATV riding, wall climbing, etc.—all in a single property. The Crown Regency tower in Uptown Cebu allows you to conquer your fear of heights through their rooftop adventures.

15. Photo walks


(Photo credit: Glen Jubs Photography)

Photographers feel the rush of excitement when they are able to go around place and shoot interesting (or ordinary) things in new perspectives. Join the squads of local photographers as they walk around towns, cities, and villages taking lovely photos of locals, heritage sites, and historical and cultural aspects.


Since Cebu is a major religious, tourist, industrial, and commercial hub in the Philippines, it is quite easy to get here. Our international airport serves both domestic and national flights. We have a major sea port where passenger vessels and cargo vessels from all over the nation and the world dock. Buses, jeepneys, rental vehicles, and even motorcycles for hire allow you to get further inland.

What are you waiting for? Visit our Cebu now!

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