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By Mike Bullock

The hand of satan hovers near
Poised to strike with dread and fear
Knows which button he will press
To bring confusion, cause distress
Likes to pounce when things go well
Pulls you back towards his hell
The road is narrow, off you fall
Cut off from The Fathers call
Like a spring that's tightly wound
Like a chain that's tightly bound
Tightly woven, let's confess
You've turned into a total mess

Convinced that God has let you go
You have no strength to overthrow
The clinging cloak that's stifling you
Self worth sagging, feeling blue
Are you going down the drain?
Is there hope in all your pain?
Remember Jesus, He's your friend
Has the power to save and mend
See the love upon His face
Full of splendour, full of grace.

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