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By Salvagedspaces @salvagedspaces
12.12.12 I know. We've taken an extended break from our blog again and there's no excuse for it! Salvaged Spaces is on my mind every day, but then I get caught up with baby, housework, reading, errands, and other miscellaneous projects. On top of that, Pete and I have been on a minimalist kick so it's hard for us to commit to finding junk and blogging about it.
Wait, I said there was no excuse for not blogging and here I am making excuses! We've got some things in the works that we'll post about soon, but here's a quick update with what we've been up to the past few weeks.
The biggest adventure for me has stemmed from a Craigslist ad that Pete found. A lady's grandmother passed away and she wanted to get rid of all the books that she left her. She said her grandma was a book hoarder and needed to get rid of these things so I quickly showed up at her doorstep! I left her house with 160+ books that were from the 1800s! Everything from Little Black Sambo to Victorian etiquette to Shakespeare's works.
I couldn't believe it!
And neither could Pete. Even though he found the ad, he wasn't expecting me to bring all of the books home. Like I said, we were on a minimalist kick and this is exactly what we didn't need!
So, to make us both happy, we decided that I could foster the books until they found a permanent home. I get to read them, then take photos of them and list them on my Etsy page: Leslie's Miscellany.
Leslie's Miscellany has been so fun and successful that I've actually went out and bought more antique books to sell. Oops! So much for minimalism.
Flea Market Style magazine has contacted us again about being in their next issue! They will be featuring one of our projects from our blog so be on the lookout for that! We'll post more details once the issue has been released.
Pete got bit by a dog. A German Shepherd attacked him while he was at work. For those of you who don't know, Pete is a mapmaker and he is always mapping rural areas. People seem real lax in the country so dogs are usually loose. Animal control has the dog in custody and they said if the dog is still alive in a week then he will not need a rabies shot. That was last week and so far Pete is not violent and the only foam I see from his mouth is when he's doing his Pee Wee Herman impression while he's brushing his teeth: "rrr mad dog mad dog!"
Lucy June is nearing her six-month birthday! Where is the time going? She is sitting up by herself, babbling a lot, and tries to eat every inanimate object known to man. She's the best!
Pete has started writing his book (did I mention he's been wanting to write a book?). We both have several ideas for books and I'm so happy that he's actually started! Hopefully I'll start on mine someday soon.
I think those are the most important updates. We haven't forgotten about junkmates. I've started working on an article for the first one in the queue so you will see something shortly!
Happy 12/12/12!

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