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11 Ways to Get No Traffic on Your Website

Posted on the 03 May 2012 by Telecolumnist @tele_columnist

Everybody on web writes about how to get traffic on your website, enhance readability, credibility of your website, how to improve Search Engine Ranking, Increasing page views and the list goes on and on and on. Now I choose the headlines as 11 ways to get no traffic on your website is to make sure that my readers understand what they are doing currently is not fruitful give valuable suggestions from my end and open the forum for comments to enhance coverage, adding dimensions, view points on this topic. And finally conclude so my readers after visiting this page can understand that what all modifications to be made back home.

1. Seeing your AdSense page daily or may be multiple times in a day:- This is a trap believe me if you get depressed, stressed how to increase my AdSense revenue after seeing the AdSense report. The Inventor/Innovator within you will go to dormant mode. Because this inventor attracts readers, increase subscription. You are a blogger not a businessman so stop sneaking into this trap.

2. Hunting for Affiliate network:- If you are a novice blogger with 50-100 people visiting your page and you start hunting for the affiliate network (Easy Money Huh!) no harm in earning and increasing your bank balance. But the prime objective right now for you is to make a stable and sustainable readership and a place in top slot and established bloggers with 500-1000 page views. if you are not being selected by the advertiser it gives frustration which again hampers the innovative side of your mind. So try to be aloof from such distractions in initial days.

3. No Marketing let people find me anyhow:- If you do any task which is depend on people acknowledging your work it needs marketing. Marketing is not you knock every door pledging people to visit your website or printing pamphlets or giving advertisements on TV. It is enhancing visibility in between your friends, family members, relatives, branding on social networking sites. Let the people know you first they will understand you later.

4. Closed Door Approach, I don’t want to read others :- When people start career as a blogger the focus sometimes becomes so inwardly that they start looking at themselves only like my blog my content and forget about what is most talked about on web. Go to some popular blogs read and understand what they talk about, how they communicate and connect with readers. What is there USP. And most important do comment on there post which adds value to that post it not only gives the readers of his blog understand your view point on the subject and also popularize you in the arena. Slowly you develop your own writing style.

5. Content is all they need what’s there in Decorating website:- If you think that visitors is visiting your blog only for content give it a second thought. It is like visitor visiting your home and if home is messy you loose visitors nobody wants to visit such places. If you have two options of eating better food at a street hotel with mosquitos and flies or a lesser in taste as compared to street hotel but a better ambience of looks, feel and yes companionship of the staff. So work on looks of your website.

6. Let my readers comment my job is to write post not to comment on my own post:- This approach is not only disheartening to a reader as well as considered a bit rude on web. If a reader has commented on your post and if you individually answer them with thank you or a smiley or I appreciate. These things don’t make much difference but surely they make an impact of individual attention to readers.

7. Not to update Post once written:- Time changes, technology develop sometimes the concepts are out written again and again. If the amendments to the constitution of the country is possible why not possible on your blog. So revisit your old posts and see what value addition you can do to it.

8. Not to check how people react to your posts on web:- Sometimes you write such a content it becomes a topic on the web. Congratulations! but now what you can do about it. Yes you can still participate in the discussion and surely add more and more readers to your blogs.

9. Why should I write for others:- Now this is a bit arrogant statement but this is how we sometimes feel writing for other popular blog posts. It not only impact mind set of the readers across web that Yes! Mr. XYZ has got serious potential in writing, he writes genuine content, Waao! he sorted out my issue lets see what he says on his website. Now this feel can be made viral by writing posts on a blog with say 50K-10Lac visitors monthly. You are not generous you mean to mutually grow with big shots of the web enriching there website enhancing your viewership. Hook up and start writing people are waiting for your best…

10. Search Engine Optimization its beyond the scope:- Yes it is in scope you need to top of the mind of the people for that you need to come top on search page. Which is possible by following simple techniques. Follow webmaster instructions and get some feedbacks from the people already set in this profession. By connecting with them in person or by searching there posts on SEO how to guides.

11. Irrelevant ads is not my trouble:- Its your trouble mate you want to earn not try to speak to AdSense support figure out what's going on. You are writing a technology blog why the advertisement is on Baby products. Irrelevant Ads are like Movie show timing displayed in hospital. What is the matter do some Google take help and fix what is the problem.

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