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101 Reasons Which Made Me Blogger

Posted on the 03 November 2012 by Telecolumnist @tele_columnist
This question is about a topic which raised by Non-Bloggers and Bloggers. To eradicate this question and doubts of Bloggers and Non-Bloggers I am here with this post. The reasons which  made me write this posts are plenty. Major Singular reasons which drove me to write this post First is Non-Bloggers should understand the Importance and Prestige behind being a Blogger and Second is Blogger should reinstate the importance of being Blogger. 101 reasons is only a mode to make readers visualize reasons for some may be nothing for others but nothing for other may be 101 reasons to be Something.
So let us understand first before presiding with this post that this post is for those who are finding reasons to be a Blogger and for those who want to know what is special about being blogger. Let's Start:-
1. Prestige
2. Entrepreneurship
3. Being Happy with what you do.
4. Learn while you Earn
5. Clean Business White Money
6. Interact with your customers Online rather face to face
7. Popularity
8. Fellowship
9. Leadership Skills
10. Explore New Things
11. Help others and get Helped
12. Passion
13. Recognition
14. Enjoyment
15. Balance Between Work and Life
16. Love what yoyu do
17. Independence
18. Being Boss of your own
19. Live Life in your own Terms
20. Being a Thinker
21. Reader and Writer
22. Being Online
23. Social Networking
24. Connecting with new people of similar niche.
25. Being Up to date with every news
26. Satisfaction
27. Responsiblity to drive own business
28. Love of Readers
29. Review Yourself, Review Others, and Review World
30. Learn Being Generous
31. Earn while you sleep, Drink, Dance or Recreate or Go on a Picnic
32. Interactivity Across Continents, Countries and World
33. Being WiseBe with Wiser and Understand how to be Wisest.
34. Hard Work
35. Earn Online
36. Creativity
37. Fellowship of Intelligent Community.
38. To Help Others less fortunate ones
39. No Retirement
40. To Defeat your own Targets.
41. Popularity
42. Fame
43. Know how to Plan.
44. Earn Money without being cheated and without cheating anyone.
45. Appraise and being appraised
46. Technology
47. Ability to Visualize
48. Ideas
49. Opportunity Being with Loved Ones
50. Command and Conquer
51. Readership
52. Ability to write for many hours
53. Feeling of being connected
54. Feeling of Accomplishment
55. Flexi Hours
56. Master of Your Own
57. Loving yourself
58. Being Healthy
59. Being Critic of your own
60. Conceptualize
61. To rid away from Corporate Life
62. Realistic towards life
63. Awareness
64. English
65. Artistic
66. Answering Queries
67. Raising Questions
68. Boundary Less World
69. Facinating Experience
70. Connecting with Unknown People
71. Befriend with Fellow Blogger
72. Collect Recollect Information
73. Succed and Let Others Succeed
74. Learning and Unlearning
75. Drawing a Picture and showing a story arround it.
76. Conceptualize.
77. Player of Words
78. Intellectual
79. Internet Wandrer
80. Being Awesome Feel Awesome about something and make other awesomes.
81. Feel to be Expert
82. Teach Others
83. Ability to Drive
84. Entertainer
85. Enlightening
86. Feeling of Being Special
87. Creator
88. Individualistic Populist
89. Being Yourself
90. Feel Respect
91. Judged by others but not to be Judgemental
92. Attractive and being attracted
93. Listen More and Talk Less
94. Hear your criticism right on face.
95. Love and Being Loved
96. Hear and Being Heared
97. Being Master of your own
98. Grow as much as you can
99. Heirarchy Free Life
100. Conceptualize
101. Dream and Bring those Dreams to life.
Friends do you need anymore reasons to be a Blogger???
If you have more do share with us may be fellow readers need more reasons to be a blogger. Believe me Making your own website is a special feeling and you relive this feeeling everyday when you write posts on that Blog.

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