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100 Reasons to Evict the Negative Nancy’s

By Balancingonhoney @balancinghoney

This is my 100th blog post ever! I am so excited and feel like it should be a recognized milestone for Balancing on Honey. My blogging has slowed down recently with end of semester projects taking over, however, I have been excited to write this one, and have had it on my mind for the last few days.

It took me awhile to brainstorm what I wanted my 100th post to be about, but when it came to me, I knew it would be good for me and hopefully others.

Sandi Krakowski is another one of my main women influencers, and rightly so, since she was is a Forbes Top 50 Power Influencers in the World and a Top 20 Women Social Media Influencer! At the beginning of the week she posted about self talk, and really focusing on keeping the negative lies out of your life. As I read her advice on Facebook I nodded my head, and pursed my lips knowing that I let lies into my head daily, probably hourly if not more often. Needless to say, I struggle with seeing myself the way God sees me, and I struggle with remembering what He promises His children.

If I stop and think about my life, I realize that I am very blessed with daily reminders of how much God cares for me. One huge indicator is my husband. I know God wants good things for me, because He gave me an incredible godly man for a husband. It blows my mind… I hoped for it, but when I look at my flaws, I never would have imagined that I would marry a man so supportive of me. I never thought I would find someone who would be interested in my life and someone so intent on keeping our marriage focused on Christ.

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Yesterday, I attended the Conference for Women, put on by the Non-rofit Management Center here in Wichita Falls. I went to a break out session called Dream Big. The title caught my attention because I am such a dreamer, but I wanted to learn how to put my dreams into action. The Speaker was Dawn Thompson, owner of Spa Bella, and founder of the Non-Profit, Adopt a Box and Spa Kids. She encouraged the group to fire the negative committee that lives in your head and hire a positive one.

My 100th post, is 100 reminders to replace the negative lies that often rot our minds and stifle our true potential. These are some of my favorite lines I have to tell myself when I start experiencing negative self talk.

  1. In Christ you are a conquerer.
  2. In Christ you are redeemed.
  3. You are a daughter of the most high.
  4. You have a specific gift and talent.
  5. You are equipped for the challenge.
  6. You are beautiful.
  7. You are loved.
  8. You are not what you have done.
  9. Jesus carried your burdens on the cross.
  10. You are valued.
  11. You are an ambassador of Christ.
  12. You have power in Christ.
  13. You were made to overcome.
  14. You were made to accomplish.
  15. You were made to succeed.
  16. You were made to win.
  17. You have freedom from fears.
  18. Your strength comes from the Lord.
  19. You are stronger than your struggles.
  20. God is with you.
  21. He is for you.
  22. You were meant to make a difference.
  23. You are the daughter/son of The King.
  24. Your body is a temple.
  25. You have a purpose.
  26. Your purpose is important.
  27. Your gifts are divine.
  28. You don’t have to rely on yourself.
  29. You were planned for this generation.
  30. You were perfectly and wonderfully made.
  31. You have so much to offer.
  32. You don’t need to worry.
  33. God is holding you in His right hand.
  34. He will guide you.
  35. He will strengthen you.
  36. You were made to be bold.
  37. You were made to have courage.
  38. You were destined for greatness.
  39. There are good things planned for you.
  40. You can choose to be happy.
  41. You can choose to see light.
  42. You can choose to be joyful.
  43. You have the power to be positive.
  44. You are a doer.
  45. You are an achiever.
  46. You are chosen.
  47. You were made to fit outside the mold.
  48. You were called to be different.
  49. You were called to be life-giving.
  50. To encourage others.
  51. To lead.
  52. and to follow Christ.
  53. You were meant to serve.
  54. You were meant to give.
  55. In Christ you are forgiven.
  56. You can let go of your guilt.
  57. You can let go of your shame.
  58. In Christ you are a new creation.
  59. Your story has a purpose.
  60. He loves you even when act unlovable.
  61. You have the power to love others.
  62. You are given strength to help others.
  63. You are needed.
  64. Your flaws are not binding.
  65. In Christ you are victorious.
  66. You were meant to have victory.
  67. If you feel broken, He can heal you.
  68. Christ will restore you.
  69. Christ will free you.
  70. You are precious.
  71. You have the tools to do your job.
  72. You have the ability to be great.
  73. You are a champion.
  74. You can do all things through Christ.
  75. You are a game changer.
  76. You are determined.
  77. You are not easily defeated.
  78. You are not a quitter.
  79. Your body is a temple.
  80. You were made to show your inner beauty.
  81. You are not a victim.
  82. Your circumstances don’t define you.
  83. You have special talents.
  84. With Christ you can move mountains.
  85. With Christ anything is possible.
  86. If you feel weak, He will carry you.
  87. God will fight for you.
  88. Be confident in yourself.
  89. Be confident in God.
  90. You were meant to climb higher.
  91. Reach farther.
  92. Be better.
  93. Do more.
  94. Fight harder.
  95. Love abundantly.
  96. Give selflessly.
  97. Dream BIG
  98. Trust His plans always.
  99. Love who God made you to be.
  100. Evict the negative Nancy’s living in your head!

Now go tackle the world. If you made it through that list, your tank should be full of positive motivation


What are positive things you have to remind yourself of, that might not be on this list? 

*** I am saddened by the events that have taken place in West Texas and in Boston, and I will be praying for families and first responders who have been affected***

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