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10 Tips to Grow Your Email Marketing List

Posted on the 01 May 2014 by Marketingtango @marketingtango
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  • May 1, 2014
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10 Tips to Grow Your Email Marketing List

It’s spring. Don’t let your email marketing list wither and die like an untended garden.

A Forbes-ranked blogger, Jeff Bullas knows a thing or two about growing an email marketing list to help websites, enewsletters and blog subscriptions flourish. And he’s willing to share his secrets to grow your email marketing list:

1. Provide an opt-in email box — and place it near the top-right corner or even in your top banner where it’s easy to find.

2. Offer a free ebook. If you have knowledge to share, give it away to entice.

“It doesn’t have to be long,” Bullas said. “My free ebook is 10,000 words and over 50 pages. It can be 10-15 pages and just a few thousand words. Take the time to write and design a professional looking ebook.”

3. Provide a light-box pop up. This one is debatable, as some consumers think it’s intrusive.

4. Do some guest blogging. “If you are just starting out and don’t have any traffic then getting people to your blog is the first battle,” he said. “Guest blogging can provide a platform to gain some attention and then when they go to visit your site after reading your guest article, you can then sign them up by having the first three tactics in place ready to capture that important email.”

5. Run a webinar. Always ask participants to register with their email address.

6. Use annotations in your YouTube videos. “YouTube has the option of providing annotations that provide a call to action to subscribe to your email list,” he explained.

7. Use Slideshare Pro, the premium version of Slideshare, and can be very effective for not only creating attention about your blog but also capturing leads.

8. Offer a free video. Many people would prefer to watch a video to reading an ebook.

9. Add an email opt in on your Facebook page tabs. “Using a Facebook app like ShortStack can enable you to ask for people to join your email list on Facebook,” Bullas clued us in.

10. Provide a free giveaway on your Facebook page. Everyone loves free things. Cater to their whims by offering a coupon or other giveway in exchange for an email address.

And for the other side of the equation, read: “Four Opt-Out Email Campaign Options.”

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