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10 Things Which You Should Know About Diabetes

Posted on the 28 January 2017 by Saurabh Pande @saurabh694



As per the latest reports as published in one of the journals of Diabetes, more than 280 million people are suffering from the medical ailment called Diabetes all across the world. The same report suggests that nearly 21 million people in the US alone are the victim of this menace. The researchers call it one of the fast-growing epidemics of the world, which will strike two times any people by the time when we will enter 2030. Unfortunately, if you are among the victims of diabetes you are ought to face a number of life-long challenges. However, the key to face this challenge is to be proactive against it and keep you updated about this menace. The following are the top 10 things, which you should know about diabetes.

1). Know about your blood sugarYou have a blood test called as Hemoglobin A1c, which tells you about your blood sugar level. Make sure you know the upper and lower limit, which has to be maintained to keep your diabetes in a right shape. Your fasting blood sugar level should be below 130 somewhere close to 100, while after the meal, it should exceed 180.
Blood Sugar

2). Check Your CholesterolDiabetes can give higher risk of heart strokes, hence it is important to keep a check over your cholesterol levels when you have diabetes. You are therefore supposed to maintain the LDL level below 100. If you are above 40 better get some medicine to maintain the right LDL level.


3). Take Baby AspirinMany diabetes patients above the age of 40 years should take one baby aspirin of 81 mg on a daily basis for securing your heart and other issues. Consult your doctor to get the right recommendation about the same.

 4). Monitor our High BPAs diabetes affects the heart rates hence doctors recommend checking your high blood pressure on a regular basis. the High BP should not be more than 140/90 unlike any other non diabetic person. Maintaining the BP can save life, don’t forget that.

High Blood Pressure

5). Take care of your kidneysWe all know, with diabetes your kidney can be at risk. Generally doctors recommend a medicine called Lisinopril from the group of Ace Inhibitors for the patients with 40 years or so to prevent from this issue. Make sure you consume it on a regular basis to abate the impact of diabetes on kidneys.

6). Get Eye TestsEvery diabetic patient has to undergo an annual eye test, which will comprises of checking your retina with special retinal photo machine. This helps in prescribing the right course of action in case if your eyes are somehow affected by this menace.
Eye Test

7). Have your vaccines on timeDiabetes is prone to bring a number of infections to your body, which is due to the presence of bacteria for the high sugar environments. For a number of reasons, the doctors are seen recommending diabetics to consider annual flu shot apart from the pneumonia shot.

8). Have a look at the carbohydratesThe diabetics are often recommended to consume meals below 45 grams. It is vital to have your food on time get along protein with your carbohydrates. Seek the help of doctors and nutritionists in order to understand the food labels so that you get the right meal on time.

 9). Get your feet checkedUnlike any other body part, an yearly check up of your feet is also vital. The doctor uses a device known as monofilament in order to test your feet along with the nerves and sensation you feel at the legs and its bottom area.


10). Yes to Workouts
Make sure you engage in any physical activity like sport or exercises. This can help in keeping your sugar levels at control. Take time to exercise or go for a walk for not less than 30 minutes to see the difference.

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