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10 Signs That You Need to Travel Soon!

By Hendra @tukangminggat

Dromomania or traveling fugue is an uncontrollable impulse to wander or travel. People with this condition spontaneously depart from their routine, travel long distances and take up different identities and occupations–medical dictionary

And here are some clue for you, “acute” traveler, to identify when this syndrome is recurrent and to make sure that you need an immediate medicament, which is … a few week of trip to somewhere…

1. “I hate Monday” is already transformed into “I hate my job!”  A brand new office day has just begun, but you keep your eyes on your watch all day long, expecting this 9 to 5 thing is soon over!

2.  You start to re-open your old trip album photo, and you do a depth nostalgia, you time travel and recall all unforgettable moment on your head.

3. You feel a tiny electric shock every time you see somebody passes by with rucksack, and suddenly your back miss that heavy load from your own backpack!


4. You’re frequently tickled to check each airlines and wish there would be a promo flight somewhere rather than finishing your deadline task at the office.

5. You held a soiree with some travel mate you rarely meet lately and open the chitchat by saying, “Ok, where’s next?”

6. A city or a destination is unconsciously pop up on your head more that two or three times like a mantra. You force your self to kick it out, yet you can’t!

7.  You’re mad and jealous as hell when you see your friend start their holiday by checking in at the airport on Foursquare.

8. Yous stare at your backpack hung on the wall mournfully.

9. Travel section is always the priority spot every time you hit the book store. You buy some travel mags and books although you don’t know where and when are you going to depart.

10.  When going to a gadget or outfit stores, you lose your shopping appetite and start to compare that high end brands price tag to some destination flight fare .


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