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10 Reasons Why I Like Sucker Punch

Posted on the 20 July 2012 by Raghavmodi @raghavmodi

10 Reasons Why I Like Sucker Punch
I have no shame in saying that I liked one of the most disliked films from last year. Since having watched it I have had a few conversations with other cinephiles as to the merits and demerits of the film and eventually I decided to sit and jot down the reasons why I actually enjoyed Sucker Punch, and here they are;
Jenna Malone - One of cinema's most underrated actresses, Jenna Malone shines in the film, despite having a support role, playing Rocket, an inmate in the mental asylum where Emily Browning's Babydoll is institutionalized. A look at her IMDB profile and her multi-talent in the arts can only lead to great things in the future. With news about her getting casted in the sequel of Hunger Games, hopefully we get to see more of her in the future.  
Special Effects - Let's face it, Jack Snyder knows how to visually impress the audience. He did it in 300 and then again in Watchmen (a little bit), and does so again in Sucker Punch which is a feast for the eyes in terms of special effects, colour, and overall picturization.
10 Reasons Why I Like Sucker Punch The Ending - Let's just say I didn't see it coming and I did leave the film with a smile on my face.
The Dumbness Amongst The Complexity - Okay I agree there are aspects of the film that are dumb. Why is the "list" which can easily be memorized written down in an obvious place? Why are some of the names given to the characters so obscure, I mean calling a dark haired Vanessa Hudgens, Blondie? But, there is also enough complexity as the story moves between reality and fantasy that maybe having a bit of simplistic non-reasonable aspects to the story aren't that bad. 
The Interpretations Behind It All - The movie leaves enough space for the audience to derive their own interpretations from the story. I for one didn't understand half of what happened, but that was a good thing. It actually made me wrack my brain a bit. Sometimes, a film has more of an impact when everything is not clear, rather than spoon-feeding the viewers with all the information, and this is one such movie.
The Mystery Of The Dance - Babydoll's dance is one of the most important elements in the story of the film, and we never get to see it. While watching, every time the dance would start, I anticipated that maybe, just maybe this time we will get to experience this mysterious act, but instead we are taken into a world of fantasy on each occasion. At the end of it, I am glad that the dance is left to the imagination of the audience, just as the audience gets a peek into Babydoll's imagination each time she dances.  
10 Reasons Why I Like Sucker Punch The Music - A great soundtrack, especially during the fight sequences. The film's music is amongst a few that I have liked in totality over the past few years.  
The Action - We saw it in 300 and we can see the brilliance of Zack Snyder's action sequences once again in Sucker Punch. OTT and dreamy, Snyder's action is probably the most entertaining aspect of the film. All the girls come across as professional arse-kickers during these action sequences. In fact, everything they do makes for a fun and, in some cases, enticing viewing.  
Over-The-Top Situations - Machine gun wielding samurais, killer robots, gas-masked/powered Nazis, sword fights, Dragons, the fantasy world created by Snyder through the imagination of the Babydoll is definitely over-the-top, but it is fantastical keeping in mind the theme of the film.  
Oh! and one more thing...
The Entertainment Factor - The sum of all the parts, mentioned above, make the film an entertaining watch that never gets boring, nor does it drag. It might have some loose ends, but they can be easily overlooked.
Now, dare I ask what you thought of the film or the points I make? Alright... go ahead and tell me.

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