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10 Reasons to Take a Walking Holiday

By Adrenaline Romance @AdrenalnRomance
10 Reasons to Take a Walking Holiday

A walking holiday is one of the healthiest and most holistic getaways out there. Embarking on one of these adventures will immerse you in beautiful nature, give you time to think, unwind, and truly relax. Not only is this kind of holiday loads of fun, but it's also great for the mind, body, and soul.

Do you want to see new places, guide yourself through the outdoors, and enjoy an exciting holiday itinerary? It's time to strap on your walking shoes and pack your backpack! Before you pre-book your self-guided walking holidays, check out these reasons that make these holidays so worthwhile.

1. Experience Nature at its Best

10 Reasons to Take a Walking Holiday

The major appeal of taking a walking holiday is that you get to be completely surrounded by nature. Every day, all day, you will be fully immersed in serene natural spaces. As there are no cars or busses involved, wherever you go is just you and the outdoors.

Not only this, but the kind of places you will visit are going to be completely beautiful. Whether you are walking through Northern Lakeland or the Isle of Wight Coastal Path, you will get to see some of the most dramatic scenery and stunning surroundings.

Walking allows you to be right there amongst the earth's most stunning features. If you are after the ultimate outdoors experience, then a walking holiday is it.

2. Get Active and Outdoors

10 Reasons to Take a Walking Holiday

Holidays often involve lots of lazing around and doing nothing. However, a walking holiday will get you active and outside! One of the great perks of these holidays is that they are also healthy for your body - allowing you to feel refreshed and happy about yourself.

A walking holiday is a perfect way to relax and escape the stress of daily life, while still being active. The daily exercise that you get from one of these trips is something that you can be proud of - and it's something that your body will be very happy about too.

Don't let the idea of exercise put you off these holidays though. Different walking routes come in varying levels of difficulty. All kinds of people and fitness levels can enjoy these holidays too.

3. Accomplish Something Every Day

10 Reasons to Take a Walking Holiday

Walking holidays vary in length (some could be 16 days, some 4 days, etc.). However long your holiday is, each day will bring with it a new challenge and accomplishment. One of the best things about embarking on one of these holidays is that you have a clear goal each day.

Once you reach your final destination and accommodation base at the end of your trek, you will be proud of what you have achieved. At the end of the entire holiday, you will be able to tick a pretty major accomplishment off your list as well.

4. Discover New Places

10 Reasons to Take a Walking Holiday

What most people love about taking a walking holiday is that they get to experience new places in all their splendour. You could wake up along the coast, spend your morning walking through green hills, and end up alongside a lake at the end of the day.

One of the amazing things about taking a walking holiday is that you will get to see a wide range of landscapes and destinations. Each day of walking will reveal new sights and things to take in. And often, you'll be the only person in sight.

Here are only a few examples of fantastic walking holiday routes that offer all kinds of different scenery:

  • Norfolk Coastal Path in Southern England
  • Yorkshire Wolds Way in Northern England
  • Westmorland Way in the Lake District
  • Great Glen Way in Scotland
  • Pembrokeshire Coast Path in Wales

5. Become Mindful of Your Surroundings

10 Reasons to Take a Walking Holiday

Walking is an incredibly peaceful activity that allows you to connect with the world around you. One of the great benefits of extended periods of walking through nature is the kind of mindfulness that you will experience. Walking gives you time to think, and it definitely helps to clear your mind.

Hiking also helps you slow down and really appreciate all of your immediate surroundings. While you are walking through nature, you will pay closer attention to the small details of the landscapes. Through this, you should gain a clearer and more relaxed state of mind. Spending time walking can also boost your creativity.

6. Open Up Your Senses

10 Reasons to Take a Walking Holiday

When spending extended periods of time traversing through nature, you will be more directly exposed to everything going on around you. This includes beautiful sights, the smells and feelings of fresh air, and the sound of birdsong.

Walking enables you to appreciate all of the little things happening in your environment. When travelling through nature in a car or train, on the other hand, you miss out on these details. It is the combination of all your senses being utilised that will really elevate your entire walking experience.

7. Embark on an Adventure

10 Reasons to Take a Walking Holiday

These hiking holidays are full of excitement! Being alone in the wilderness allows you to have the ultimate adventure. Traversing through new landscapes, passing incredible natural sights, and moving between a new home base each night is such fun.

Taking a self-guided walking tour can be a great way to really get into the spirit of adventure.

8. Spend Time With Your Friends

10 Reasons to Take a Walking Holiday

Walking holidays are well-loved for the fact that you can be left alone in nature with a group of your friends. For those that like to chat, having nothing but open trails ahead of you is the best place to do this.

While walking holidays are adventurous, they are also very social. This is a brilliant idea for a group getaway.

9. Tick Off Bucket List Trails

10 Reasons to Take a Walking Holiday

With each walking holiday that you finish, you will get to cross an epic destination and experience off your list. From Hadrian's Wall in Northern England to West Highland Way in Scotland, these trips will take you to bucket-list destinations.

10. Take Time Out

10 Reasons to Take a Walking Holiday

You will get to completely disconnect from the world during a walking holiday. You can turn off your phone, get away from the city, and not even have to see any other people. A walking holiday offers the ideal break from a busy and stressful life by allowing you to completely turn off and take some valuable time out.

Final Thoughts

There's no better way to escape the city than through a walking holiday. These getaways allow you to discover wonderful natural settings, disconnect from the world, and enjoy a bit of adventure. There are walking routes through all kinds of magnificent settings and places - offering holidays that can appeal to everyone.

So, grab your trusted hiking gear, pack your map and get out there. You will certainly feel like a brand new person after experiencing one of the amazing walking holidays on offer.

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