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10 Questions for Banner Health

By Torontoemerg

Lo, a Tweet from Banner Health on the Amanda Trujillo incident, and possibly the most content-free in the history of Twitter:

10 Questions for Banner Health

Uh, huh. “Listening” and “hearing” rather imply, in this context, some sort of follow-up action (though I think Banner Health SM guru is advising the appearance of action, rather than any actual action, to fool the rubes, i.e. us.)

Given that for reasons of confidentiality employee matters won’t be discussed, there are still plenty of things Banner Health might talk about.

To wit, ten questions for Banner Health:

1. Does Banner Health have a written zero tolerance policy against abusive behaviour? If so, who deals with complaints? Does the policy apply to physicians and managers? If so, how are they disciplined?

2. What steps is Banner Health taking to ensure patients are fully informed of their treatment options at all times?

3. What steps is Banner Health taking to clarify the process for ordering team consults?

4. Does Banner Health have a stepped or graduated disciplinary process? 

5. Under what circumstances may an employee be fired pre-emptively? For example, for med errors? For abusive behaviour? For theft?

6. In what ways specifically does Banner Health support nurses to act as patient advocates?

7. What is Banner Health’s understanding of collaborative practice?

8. Under what circumstances may a physician override the concerns of a nurse? Of a patient?

9. How much training do managers receive annually on nursing ethics and practice?

10. Is it written policy to refer nurses to the state board of nursing for any violations of hospital policy? Under what circumstances is that decision made? 

Awaiting a response.



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