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10 Powerful Techniques to Build Employee Morale

Posted on the 05 February 2013 by Fleetmatics @fleetmatics

10 Powerful Techniques to Build Employee Morale Hayley Granton is a business consultant, author and blogger residing in Portland Oregon. She recommends the services of Mindshare Technologies, a customer feedback management company  that provides real-time, action-driven reporting.

The link between employee morale and quality products and services has been well-established. Not only are happy employees more productive, but they are also more likely to continue to be loyal to their company while providing many years of excellent service. Here are ten effective techniques that can be utilized to build employee morale.

1. Focus on the Morale

In companies with high employee morale, workers have a strong relationship with their managers. Therefore, leaders should always be encouraged to interact with members of their team to learn more about their strengths and frustrations.

2. Focus on the Positive

Too much negativity can effectively lower morale. Instead of focusing on what is going wrong within the company, it is better to focus on the positive. When managers decide to keep a positive outlook, it can have a trickle-down effect on the rest of the employees.

3. Set Clear Goals

Managers should strive to provide clear instructions regarding what is expected of their employees. By helping to set clear goals, everyone will know what is expected of them each day regarding their performance.

4. Offer Encouraging Feedback

Employee morale can be boosted from hearing the positive comments that are provided by the customers they serve. During a meeting, managers can share a few insights from customer satisfaction surveys that can serve as an incentive for employees to strive to do their best work.

5. Support Company Leadership

Throughout the course of any given day, leaders within a company may direct employees to accomplish set goals. To ensure everyone is on the same team, managers should always be sure to support the other leaders in their company.

6. Analyze Behavioral Styles

Effective managers will spend time with their employees to learn more about their working styles. By finding out about their hopes, strengths and weaknesses, an effective plan can be created to increase their morale.

7. Request Feedback

One of the best ways to increase employee morale is to request feedback from both the employees and a company’s customers. A customer management feedback company can utilize information collection methods to compile data about a company’s morale.

8. Reward Hard Work

When employees work hard, they deserve to be recognized. Employee incentive programs can be established that will offer hard-working employees simple rewards that will let them know their efforts have been recognized.

9. Follow Through

Reliability is a trait that every employee desires from their employer. Therefore, managers should strive to follow through on any new guidelines that are set. This way, employees can rely upon a set of directions that will enable them to be successful.

10. Provide Opportunities for Authority

When employees show that they are capable of going above and beyond their duties, it is important to provide them with opportunities to make authoritative decisions. Therefore, inviting star employees to important meetings, offer promotions and creating leadership positions within their team is a great way to motivate employees to always do their best work.

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