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10 Literally Cool Activities To Beat the Intense Summer Heat

By Adrenaline Romance @AdrenalnRomance

Bluewater Sumilon

The sky is blue, clouds are few, and the summer sun is unrelentlessly blazing! What a wonderful time for playing outdoors! Except that with the advent of global warming, our recent summers are uncomfortably hot. So hot, in fact, that many people stay indoors rather than enjoy traditional summer activities. A minute under the sun feels like being bombarded with nuclear radiation or roasted in an outside oven.

Well, fret not! You can beat the summer heat by doing these LITERALLY cool adventures!

1. Island hopping

Island Hopping

With more than 7,000 islands to choose from, you will never run out of postcard-perfect beaches. Sandbars, inlets, coves—you name it, our country has it! And it’s impossible to resist jumping into the cool, aquamarine seas after being burned to a crisp under the blazing sun. Check out Sumilon Island, Canigao Island, and more!

2. Scuba Diving and Free Diving

Scuba Diving

If swimming in our awesome beaches is not enough for you, why not explore the extraordinary world under the waves? Not only will our tropical waters keep you cool, but you will also hover over colorful coral garden, swim with schools of fish, discover biological wonders, interact with marine animals, and more. There are lots of world-famous dive sites in the Philippines like Apo Island, Balicasag Island, Mactan, and more.

3. Canyoning


For those who are tired of beaches, then this adventure is for you! Rappel over waterfalls, jump over ledges, swim along the current, or scramble on slippery boulders. The best canyoning adventures we have ever experienced are in Biliran and Catbalogan; they are must-try activities for adrenaline junkies. Oh, and if you think you’ll be sweating, think again! The water in these pristine rivers are so cold that you actually need a wet suit!

4. Caving


Still feeling hot? Then let’s go places where the sun doesn’t shine—caves! Be in awe at rare crystal kingdoms and stunning rock formations that only few have ever set eyes on. Swim in underground rivers, and play around in mud chambers. Samar has some of the most magnificent caves we’ve seen, including the enchanting  Sulpan Cave and the titanic Langun-Gobingob, which is the largest cave system in the country.

5. Whitewater rafting


Wet, wild, fast, and exciting to the max! That’s how we describe the popular whitewater rafting adventure in the raging Cagayan de Oro river. There’s nothing better than being tossed around in an inflatable raft trying to steer through Mother Nature’s temperament. Even if you’re all wet, the huge doses of adrenaline will definitely warm you up from inside out.

6. Watersports


Kayaking, windsurfing, boating, sailing in a yacht—all of these exciting activities involve cool, refreshing water. Feel the rush while enjoying the cooling touch of this life-giving liquid. The Bellevue Resort in Bohol and Danasan Eco Adventure Park in Danao, Cebu has a whole cadre of watersports right in one convenient location. If you feel you’re up to a solo ride, go whitewater kayaking in Tibiao River or river tubing in Bugang River.

7. Waterfall fun

Pinipisakan Falls

Ah, Nature’s shower and masseuse! And all of them are awe-inspiring spectacles. As a tropical country, we have plenty of beautiful waterfalls where you can enjoy a refreshing swim or shower. Heck, by just looking at Pinipisakan Falls, Igpasungaw Falls, Tumalog Falls, and more, you’ll feel a whole lot cooler! Waterfalls are great alternatives for beaches.

8. Cordillera Adventures

Cordillera Adventures

Like Sweetie, water may not be your element. Well, don’t fret because there are other literally cool places where you can experience chilly breezes. Just head north to the Cordilleras where even the lowlands and valleys are a whole lot cooler than the plains thanks to the region’s distinctive subtropical highland climate. Experience low temperatures ranging from 14 to 0 degrees as you climb Mt. Pulag, the Bakun trilogy, Mt. Kupapey, and more.

9. Wall climbing

Wall Climbing

Rock climbing is one of our favorite activities. Unfortunately, it gets exceptionally uncomfortable and hot when you climb on a limestone cliff during a blazing day. So why not climb at a nice artificial climbing wall? You still get good amount of thrill under the shade of a roof in Power Up in Tandang Sora, Quezon City or Camp Sandugo in Market! Market!, Global Bonifacio City. Head off to Adventure Central to have hours of climbing fun! And yes, they have ice-cold refreshments as well.

10. Food trips

Food Trip

Even the hottest days would be extinguished with a generous serving of delicious dishes and refreshing beverages. Choose local food rather than fastfood; they give you a historical and cultural lesson with each bite. Try out Jagna’s sticky calamay, Sagada’s creamy yogurt, Cebu’s crispy lechon, and more! Or try having a traditional Filipino lunch while cruising the Loay River in Bohol!

Feeling burnt to a crisp? Then try out these literally cool adventures to ward off the summer heat. We invite you to freely explore Adrenaline Romance for even more adventures that will truly chill you this hot season!


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