10 Helpful Tips on How to Safeguard Your Luggage While Traveling

Posted on the 05 November 2019 by Danyel Naq @alotoftrips
10 Helpful Tips on How to Safeguard Your Luggage While Traveling
Imagine that you have had a successful trip but you cannot trace your luggage. You will feel devastated. When it comes to you and your luggage, you might not be able to tell when the two of you will disconnect whether temporarily or permanently. It can either happen from the moment you leave your car to the plane seat and back again. The feeling can be quite overwhelming, and it's, of course, the last thing you want to encounter.
As a traveler, you should take some measures to prevent loss, theft, delay or vandalism of your luggage. You don't have to be restless every single moment of your journey. You might find it okay to trust people, but you should not give them the chance of taking advantage of you.  Here are insights about the precautions you should consider.
10 Helpful Tips on How to Safeguard Your Luggage While Traveling •  Don't store precious and fragile items inside checked luggage
 Many airlines always state clearly in their Contract for Cargo, that they do not allow fragile and precious things in the checked baggage unless you buy from them a different luggage insurance package for your luggage which is quite expensive. Gather all your valuable items in your backpack luggage to avoid them breaking or eventually losing them to thieves. Objects that you must use while traveling such as medication should always be readily reachable. Toiletries, wallets, cash and your identification documents should be in a clear bag where everyone can see them. Therefore, they will not have the guts to tamper with them because you will know if anything is missing when you get to the other machines.
• Place your travel plan on top of your possessions inside your luggage
If you are in the middle of many destination journeys and want your lost bag to be sent to your next stopping place, having your travel plan inside your belongings will help the airline to know where next to ship your luggage. The airline will be able to get in touch with you while you are still traveling and send your luggage to your next stop.
•  For short distance trips, just travel with your carry-on luggage
 By packing your items in your Carry-on bags, you will not have any checked baggage. Therefore, you will not have to worry about it getting stolen, lost, or destroyed due to improper handling, and you will also not experience any delay before you receive them.
•  Elaborate your luggage with vivid identifiers
 Bright ribbons or belts help in ensuring that your fellow traveler does not mistakenly take your luggage. They are eye-catching, and the luggage handler will not leave them in the luggage carrousel. This way, the airline will not misplace your luggage.
•  Travel with well-maintained luggage
 Before embarking on a journey, always ensure that your luggage is in excellent condition.
1. All the wheels, zippers, and closures should be functioning correctly. When settling on bags, opt for one with zippers, handles, weight, and a substantial measurement which includes width, length or height. In case of rough handling, your bags will not fail.
2.  It is also advisable to carry along a duct tape to fix any damage caused by rough handling. A well-maintained suitcase will ensure that your valuables remain secure inside your luggage.
•  Avoid four-wheeled and plastic luggage
 Plastic suitcases do not get designed for long distance journeys. Unless you are traveling in a private jet, keep them out of mind as they crack during cold weather and get damaged whenever pressure from all the other bags in the cargo pit gets exerted on them. The four-wheeled suitcases tend to come crashing from the cargo pit as the cargo handlers push them out as they can move at high speed. To avoid damage, keep off this kind of luggage while traveling for long journeys.
• Consider shipping your luggage
 Instead of having your bags checked, you can opt to export them as this process is less costly. You can either pack your belongings by yourself or have them wrapped at the post office carefully. It is advisable to have the post office staff pack your belongings because they only issue insurance if they pack the stuff themselves. However, this is to protect themselves from fake claims by untrustworthy clients. When your belongings get carefully packed, even the most fragile will arrive in perfect condition.
•  Purchase luggage protectors
Due to frequent mishandling of luggage by the handlers, investing in luggage protectors which are usually a clear plastic sleeve will help in keeping your bags free from damage. It keeps people away from tampering with your luggage, and you will also know if someone tried to open your luggage. Some airports offer professional wrapping services, but of course, you have to pay a fee for this. You can either wrap your bags at home or have it done at the airport.
•  Keep your luggage simple
To avoid frequent issues like theft, choose a simple bag which does not get highly noticed.  People tend to think that expensive bags contain expensive belongings and get always targeted by burglars. You are not keeping up with any celebrity though; to avoid the headache of missing luggage, purchase a regular suitcase.
• Use a luggage tag both inside and outside
 Even the most durable cards get torn during luggage handling. You should keep a duplicate copy of the label inside your luggage.  If it goes missing at the airport, you will get required to prove ownership.
•  An important reminder! You should never put your landline number or home address on luggage tags for safety reasons. Instead, put your email address and cell phone number.
Majority of airport and airline employees are dedicated to their jobs and are quite honest. They do not have it in mind to tamper with your luggage. These are not the people you are focusing on while safeguarding your luggage. Some people have already figured out how helpless you are while traveling. Above is just the general knowledge on safety measures to take on your luggage. Always remember to put your valuables in an undistinguished location to avoid theft. With this vital luggage security tips, you can now secure what is more valuable to you and enjoy your trips without worry.

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