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10 Foods You Should Never Eat

Posted on the 23 April 2014 by Health_news

Fooding is something which is very difficult to resist and control. Dominated by our tongue, many a times we tend to get hooked on such food items that somewhere or the other starts affecting our body and healthy. It is not realized in the beginning. But later the after effect gives the answer for the cause. Our body requires a balanced intake of each and every essential nutrient that exists for us. This does not mean that we should start eating everything and forget about its consequences. Humans crave a lot for sugary food items, minerals, junk food items, refined flour, etc… But we should remember that there are other healthy items as well like fresh fruits, vegetables, soaked dry fruits, etc… which help in maintaining health along with fitness. But we should also know about certain items that we should refrain consuming for.

Never eat these 10 Food items:

  • Sugar: Anything in excess is always dangerous for our body. Sugar is a threat for our body. Since our body craves for sugar we tend to forget the quantity that one should consume. As a result people tend to suffer from increasing cholesterol level, reduction in immune system, boosting fat storage, etc… Hence, it is advisable to avoid sugar by avoiding syrup juices, candies, sweets, etc…
  • Artificial sweetening agent: There are few brands that are providing artificial sweeteners especially for people suffering from diabetes or by the once who are cutting down on sugar intake. But this can also result opposite. Many a times, these artificial sweeteners might increase a craving for sugary food and stuff. Natural sweetener is better in comparison to an artificial one.
  • Canned Food items: Canned food items contain sugary syrup for creating taste and enhancing the tempt for trying them again and again. Tomatoes, sweet corns, etc… are available as canned foods as well. It is advisable to avoid such canned food as much as possible. The canned foods have BPA which is used to maintaining the package for shelf life. But this BPA might turn out to be toxic for the consumers. Hence, people should go in for as much fresh intake as possible.
  • No Processed Meats: As per one research, it has been known that processed meats increase the possibility of getting heart attack or detecting cancer. The condition of the meat coming from factories is actually not good. Processed meats might have growth hormones, preservatives, artificial ingredients and antibiotics which are definitely very harmful for body.
  • No junk foods: Excess of refined flour is harmful for body especially the liver. Junk food is mainly made up of refined flour. These foods tend to generate bacteria while the flour is fermented. This eventually rises inside the stomach and lead to liver enlargement or further problems. Hence it is essential to avoid junk foods as much as possible.
  • Salt: Though salt is the essential ingredient for basic consumption, it is essential to also control upon the intake part. Increasing levels of salt intake lead to swelling and water formation in body. This increases blood pressure and develops uneasiness.
  • Avoid Cheese: Cheese is a favorite ingredient for generation today especially kids. Cheese is majorly used in baked items. Cheese contains high calories which stick inside the body. Also cheese does not digest easily.
  • Vegetable Oils: Instead of vegetable oils people should consume virgin olive, coconut and avocado oil which is full of benefits for body.
  • No Margarine: Margarine is an artificial ingredient which is used in Butter. It is a saturated fat item which is not good for health. Hence it is good to avoid it.
  • Microwave Pop Corn: Pop corn is everyone’s favorite. People should avoid microwave made pop corn since the bag contains PFOA which prevents the oil from evaporating. Thus, it is good to go for home made pop corns.

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