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10 Course Meal For Under £30

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

ID 100134379 10 Course Meal For Under £30

My daughters homework task was to make a 10 course meal for under £30 including fruit and veg.

Shes clueless so here is my suggestion says one mum today:

Course 1- appetizer
1 slice of finest bread finely toasted and comes with a selection of butter or margarine.

Course 2- after appetizer
A whole cornflake served with a spoonful of full fat milk for that extra indulgence.

Course 3- an orange segment served with a drizzle of tip top.

Course 4- a freshly squeezed orange juice made from a proper real orange and everything!

Course 5 – a fishcake- finest Iceland cod served in Youngs batter on a small plate so it looks big and a lettuce leaf and bit of tomato to decorate.

Course 6 – freshly cut and cooked chips made from a whole potato and fried in last weeks oil for that extra cooked taste.

Course 7 – a Vimto. Served in a cup with some ice straight out my freezer.

Course 8 – a banana split served with cheap ice-cream and some sprinkles.

Course 9 – some chocolate sauce lovingly hand prepared to pour over a grape.

Course 10 – a hot chocolate. Made in a mug with hot water and whipped cream on top.

Bon appetite!!

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