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10 Countries I Still Need To Visit (After Visiting Nearly 70)

By Livingthedreamrtw @livingdreamrtw

One of my favorite questions that I get asked a lot is often sarcastic: " Is there anywhere you don't want to travel to?" I normally give a silly response back, but other than countries that are currently unsafe due to political unrest or war, I really would like to go everywhere.

On a more practical note, another question I get asked a lot is " Now that you've been on two long-term trips and visited nearly 70 countries, is there anywhere you want to go where you haven't been yet?" Like the previous question, I could easily list every place I haven't been to, plus many of the destinations I loved that I hope to return to one day, but after thinking about it I came up with ten new countries that I want to visit in my upcoming travels.

Is your favorite included?
10 Countries I Still Need To Visit (After Visiting Nearly 70)

1) Myanmar: I've almost visited Myanmar twice now, and missed it due to changing plans at the last second. This lesser-visited country in South East Asia has always interested me purely because it still seems untouched by tourism (although I'm told that is changing with each passing year).

2) Bhutan: Another country that is untouched by tourism that I've been wanting to visit is Bhutan. The reason tourism is low here is for another reason altogether - it is regulated by the government. Like Myanmar, I've looked at going to Bhutan twice and had to back out both times. The reason I skipped Bhutan on both of my long-term trips was due to the high daily rate that is imposed by the government of several hundred dollars per person per day- roughly the same price you'd pay to go to Antarctica. I'd have no problem spending that in a normal vacation in order to go see Paro Taktsang (Tiger's Nest Monastery) and the other famous temples and sights found in the country, but doing so on a long-term trip was not feasible.

10 Countries I Still Need To Visit (After Visiting Nearly 70)

3) Morocco: Morocco was yet another country that was to be featured on our RTW itinerary, but we cut it out on the recommendation on the tourist board to avoid traveling in the poor weather of low season. When we do make it there, however, I will be heading straight out into the Sahara and visiting the blue city of Chefchaouen, among others.

4) Norway: Okay, I know there is more to Norway than just Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock), but it is one of the iconic features of the country that makes me want to visit. Like many others on this list, we skipped Norway on our honeymoon due to the price tag and are now contemplating it for a future trip. Throw in boat ride along the fjords and a trip up to the extreme north and you have the makings of one incredible adventure.

10 Countries I Still Need To Visit (After Visiting Nearly 70)

5) The Maldives: Is there anything wrong with wanting to stay in an over-the-water bungalow in the Maldives? I don't think so, and that is enough of a sales pitch to get me wanting to go there (and then there is all of the other amazing things you get to do while there, too).

10 Countries I Still Need To Visit (After Visiting Nearly 70)

6) Philippines: It seems like bloggers are on a Philippines kick recently, and my news feed is often overwhelmed with gorgeous photos from islands I had never heard of before (many of which also put the rest of South East Asia to shame). With over 7,000 islands in this country, I really don't know where to start when I make it there. Any suggestions?

7) Iran: An American wanting to go to Iran? Yes, we do exist! I love traveling in the Middle East and this country is often considered a must visit from those who have been. Between the gorgeous natural scenery and long history, there is certainly a lot I want to see in Iran on a visit. Hopefully we'll make it there one day.

10 Countries I Still Need To Visit (After Visiting Nearly 70)

8) Mongolia: During my travels in China I was incredibly close to booking a train ticket to Ulaanbaatar to explore Mongolia for a while. Something about exploring the vast plains, the massive Gobi desert, and sleeping in yurts just sounds incredibly exhilarating. Although, to thoroughly enjoy this one I may also consider visiting it while on an adventure in the Mongol Rally. Anyone want to form a team with me?

9) Cuba: I'm not going to lie, I've been considering going to Cuba for many years even with the restrictions on Americans in place. Now that it looks like the rules for Americans visiting this island nation are relaxing, now is the time to go before it gets overrun with visitors (and do a little rum and cigar shopping while there, too).

10 Countries I Still Need To Visit (After Visiting Nearly 70)

10) New Zealand: Do I have to say anything else over Lord of the Rings? Okay, maybe I do. New Zealand is far more than Middle Earth, although I can safely say that the entire reason I want to visit is due to the scenery. New Zealand is full of gorgeous natural wonders and tons of adventure activities, making it right up my alley. Why have I not visited yet? I'm not really sure!

With a lot still left to see (and many more that didn't make this list), I better get started. Maybe I can find a good deal on TravelStay to encourage me to get the passport out and get to one of these destinations even sooner.

If you could pick, which destination would you like us to visit first? We have our personal picks, but we can always be swayed with a good argument. Comment below to help influence our choice!

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10 Countries I Still Need To Visit (After Visiting Nearly 70)

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