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10 Bad Tips for Beginning Runners!

By Nicoleao @momfever

beginner runner advice

  1. Take off like zombies or wild dogs are chasing you!
  2. Wear cotton! That way all your sweat will nicely gather up in your clothes and stick to your skin.
  3. Wear just one layer. Preferably one that does not ‘breathe’.
  4. If you can still talk, you’re running way too slow! Speed up you lazybones!
  5. Tired and hurting?! Just keep on going! Don’t listen to your bodies frantic messages! Only wimps listen to their bodies.
  6. Do not invest in expensive running shoes. Just find an old pair you used in high school.
  7. Aim high! Register for a marathon that will start in about 2 months.
  8. Don’t bother to cool down when you’re done running. Just jolt to a sudden stop and see if you heart can take it.
  9. Take up with some Kenyans, and run with them. Don’t let them get in front of you!
  10. Start participating in races immediately, and line up in the front!

Add your bad running advice!

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