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By Jen Campbell @TennisLife_Mag

Want to be as SMOOTH as Federer?

We adore him for so many reasons.

He's the greatest player of all time, and he makes it look so easy.

I'm, of course, talking about Roger Federer... and one of the things that make him so great is how SMOOTH he is out on the court.

He transfixes us with his mesmerizing blend of talent, skill, and grace and it makes you wonder "how does he do it?"

Well, in this video that I just made for you, I reveal ONE of the secrets to his effortless power.

It's a secret I learned a long time ago from a great coach named Jack Broudy.

Jack was a technician and he discovered that the figure 8 was everywhere in tennis.

What does that mean?

That means that the symbol for infinity is largely responsible for the fluid, effortless nature of Federer's game.

In this video, I reveal 2 simple drills that YOU can use, to adopt the figure 8 into your practice session.

You'll begin to see as soon as you begin practicing these two drills, that your shots become smooth, more rhythmic, and more connected.



P.S. Federer has 5 secrets to his MASSIVE forehand that you MUST KNOW if you want to take your forehand to the next level. I made a video about it that you can have for free. Just click here.

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