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06-03-17 Shouldn't We Make a Schedule?

By Aynetal3 @aynetal3
06-03-17 Shouldn't we make a schedule?
Saturday 06-03-17 @ 7:53AM   Good morning.  This is us.  And, we’re happy.  We cried just a smidge when Rich left, but we were happy too.  What Rich doesn’t understand well, is that not only is it his vacation – when he takes off with the guys, but it is also our vacation.  This time, we are starting strong.  We have been walking around the house on our five-minute breaks looking for things to do.  We’ve been up since 4 am and Rich left at 5:15AM, but that means 2 hours and 45 minutes on our own and doing swimmingly!Things that have gotten done are simple like taking care of the dog and us, cleaning the kitchen, starting the dishwasher, taking care of some billing, writing to my sister, and then online things.  We haven’t completely gone through our emails.  There are 16 items left, but we have straightened Evernote for having started the new month of June, and we straightened our poor neglected Trello account.  It wasn’t too hard, but had taken a hit this week.  We are going to need guarding our time better with being out each morning for either Dr. Marvin or gym.  Hmm, first time we had that thought – we’re tied up in the mornings.  That must mean also that we get strong enough so that we aren’t spending our afternoons sleeping-off those two events.  Not so this week, but something to aim at.This morning one of the other things we should look at is the amount of reading material or videos that are adding-up.  Perhaps, we can take down some of that list.  Obviously, we don’t want to be spending ALL that time reading, or things would be getting done.  We have decided that some of it should be saved for the afternoons before dinner.  That time isn’t our prime time, so we can glimmer some knowledge for them without exciting the system for time lost.  One of the other things, we’ve tried to do this week is to look at blogging more regularly.  We wrote four entries.  This isn’t every day, but helps to explain why our Evernote got so far behind.  We weren’t saving as much material, and we had a hard time keeping up with emails.  That’s what weekends are for though, right?  We must make a goal today to be in the dressed, and ready to go out and hit the mail by 11:00AM.  That means showered by 9AM with plenty of time to regulate ourselves again.  Rich has a strong need for me to get a check in the mail.  He says he must assure that the banking is covered this week and next.  I think that means that he paid bills to go out while he’s gone, but it would run his account down – and mine for that matter.It’s a good practice for us too.  One of the tasks that Rich has left for us is that we water his plants.  Maybe we could break it up so the plants in the front are watered in the AM and then the plants in the back would be watered in the PM – Around 7-7:30PM.  That is a lofty goal.  We should think about that a bit more, but let’s wait until those times appear.  No reason to frighten ourselves first thing.  OK?  I think bringing a watering can filled with water to the front by the garage is going to be tough, and if there is no hose in the front – watering those roses, will be all but impossible.  Hmm, better check the weather this week.  Looks like a break today and tomorrow, but we’ll have to pay more attention over the week.  One of the things that we’re thinking is that we are going to unblock the back-breezeway door where our walker is so that we can sit in front of the rose garden and vegetable garden as long as Rich was last night.  He was putting in about 1 ½ minutes per each plant.  That might be very therapeutic, but that kind of time standing EVEN with the new exercise plans could make the even uncomfortable.  We would like much more the Zen experience.  We still have to bend on our knees to get the water turned on and off, but since the water is off, and we’re using the walker, maybe it will be easier to fill the water bucket for Rich’s flowers out front next to the garage.  I forgot what he calls them, but he is proud of them, and I sure would be proud if they were still living when he got home.  This should be considered our “Treat Rich as a King” card, right?Ok, let’s go check the other screen and see what’s happening over there … WooHOO!  Well, wait what was I supposed to be doing? We were supposed to be checking out a screen?  I don’t even know which one … maybe Evernote or Trello?  Anyway, what we just got back from – hey did you know we already took a shower?  Anyway, we just made up our new schedule.  Check this out!Monday, Wednesday & FridayPre-5:30AM Bonus5:30-7AM Work Block #1 - Writing7-7:30AM Breakfast w/Rich*7:30-9AM Work Block #2 - Writing9-9:45AM Shower/Dress - Finish picking-up/Yogurt9:45-10AM Gym Preparation10-10:30AM Drive to Gym10:30-11:30AM Gym11:30AM - 12PM Drive Home12-1PM Lunch/CNN/Dishes1-2:30PM email/Evernote2:30-4PM Work Block #3 - Shake/Editing/Amie-Nurse4-5PM Social/Trello5-7PM Dinner/Rich**7-9PM Organizing/Reading9-10PM Rich10PM-6AM Sleep
TuesdayPre-5:30AM Bonus5:30-7AM Work Block #1 - Writing7-7:30AM Breakfast w/Rich7:30-9AM Block #2 - Writing9AM-9:30AM Shower/Dress - Finish picking-up/Yogurt9:30-11AM email/Evernote11AM-12:30pm Drive to Dr. Marvin's12:30-1PM Juliana1-2PM Dr. Marvin2-3:30PM Drive Home3:30-4PM Paperwork/Budget4-5PM Social/Trello5-7PM Dinner/Rich**7-9PM Organizing/Reading9-10PM Rich10PM-6AM Sleep
ThursdayPre-5:30AM Bonus5:30-7AM Work Block #1 - Writing7-7:30AM Breakfast w/Rich7:30-8AM Shower/Dress8-9AM Block #2 - Writing9-10:30AM Drive to Dr. Marvin10:30-11AM Juliana11-12PM Dr. Marvin12-1:30PM Drive Home1:30-2:30 Lunch2:30-4PM Block #3 - Shake/Editing4-5PM Social/Trello5-7PM Dinner/Rich7-9PM Organizing/Reading9-10PM Rich10PM-6AM Sleep
Saturday & SundayPre-5:30AM Bonus5:30-7AM Work Block #1 - Writing7-7:30AM Breakfast w/Rich7:30-9AM Work Block #2 - Writing9-9:30AM Shower/Dress -Finish Picking-up/Yogurt9:30-11 Work Block #3 - Writing11-12:30PM email/Evernote12:30-1:30PM Lunch/CNN/Dishes1:30-1:45PM Walking1:45-3PM Work Block #4 - Editing3-4PM Work Block #5 - Work Block - Paperwork/Budget4-5PM Social/Trello5-7PM Dinner/Rich**7-9PM Organizing/Reading9-10PM Rich10PM-6AM Sleep
*Plus, laundry when necessary** Secondary time for Paperwork/Budget or Rich (PPA) work time when necessaryIt is OK to overrun a time, if the secondary time is not as essential   There!  We’re good!  And, according to this morning’s goals – we’ve got about twenty minutes to be writing.  I know we haven’t been writing much this morning, but to have figured out a schedule is a like-writing goal, and we have to accept shorter blog entries to keep up with the goal.  We still haven’t figured out Rich’s part.  I’m thinking that we’d like to eat between 5:30-6AM, but pretty sure Rich isn’t going to like that so maybe we’ll have to wake up at 6:30AM … better look at that schedule again.  VERY GOOD!  We just adjusted our schedule by waking-up and starting at 5:30AM rather than 6AM.  This allowed work time between 5:30-7AM, and then 7-7:30AM Breakfast with Rich, and then 7:30-9 Second work time – with both these work times being writing time.  This will help us a LOT get back into our daily writing priorities without overwhelming our time like in the old days – where it wasn’t anything to write 30 pages over a weekend day. We're good!

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