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#025 – Dreaming of Animals

By Legosneggos @LegosnEggos

First, let me say that I am one who very seldom remembers her dreams.  I know we all dream each night, but I usually have no memories of my dreams.

Secondly, I am the dream interpreter around my house.  I am asked regularly to help to explain away the meaning of a dream.  I know dreams are highly personal, but, if asked, I find it fascinating to hear other people’s dreams and will analyze a weird dream to pieces.

But now, I am the subject.

Lately, I’ve been experiencing dreams of animals that I am either keeping safe, am looking to save, or am finding neglected.  They don’t represent pets, though.  I have had three dreams thus far, two of which I remember clearly.  These dreams leave me feeling almost out of breath out with relief of saving them or finding them still alive after a brief period of worry.

#025 – Dreaming of Animals

In the first dream, I was swimming in a vast lake with two golden retrievers.  Odd, I know.  One dog was swimming right beside me, seemingly in recreation, and that one was obviously my own dog for whom I felt great affection.  When I put my head underwater, though, I found that my dog was swimming directly above another older golden retriever that was trapped beneath, though not in despair.

I lovingly push my own dog off the older, saying, “(What its name was), get off (whatever the trapped older dog’s name was)! You’re going to drown him/her!”  At least that was the emotion I was feeling, but it was somewhat playful but corrective.  And then we all three swam onto land, which was a lush kind of green setting with a lakehouse built on it.

Next, I found myself on the raised balcony that led inside, where, still dripping wet in my swimsuit, I looked down on two women visiting on a couch.  They hollered up to me something like, “Oh, you’re back?  Where is (yet another dog’s name)?”

I turned around at the door, saying, “Oh, (third dog’s name) wasn’t with us.”

They hollered up, “Yes, he/she was,” apparently not too concerned, knowing the dog’s safety was not their problem.  However, I felt obligated to check and turned in a sense of urgency on the balcony and looked down to find a third dog just coming onto land, dripping wet and slouching forward.  It was a kind of liver-spotted spaniel of some sort.

I felt a twinge of relief and let out a low sigh, relieved the dog was all right and that I would not have to look for him.

Yes, I am a dog person, so this dream is somewhat understandable.  But my second dream is not and is a bit macabre:

Somehow, I realized in the middle of a chore that we owned hamsters that we had neglected to feed for about a month.  I felt a twinge of terror as I noticed a Habitrail-like cage covered with a sheet, which I guess is why it had slipped our minds, and I ran to uncover it.

#025 – Dreaming of Animals

Upon looking in, I had the feeling that I was remembering two hamsters were in the cage.  However, I saw only one — a reddish hamster — positioned on a raised Habitrail compartment right at eye level.  I looked straight in to see that it was missing an eye and that its mouth was full and chewing on something, obviously engorged.  He/she was intently staring me down with its one eye while chewing, in a kind of judgmental way.  My first thought was that it must have eaten the other hamster.  I was grossed out and apologetic.  I felt no deep affection for the animal, only compassion for its poor conditions.

As for the third dream about animals, I cannot remember it.  The reason I know I had it is because I woke myself up tossing and turning, with the words, “Seriously?  Another animal dream?”   That is all I know about the third.  But it had left me with the same emotion.

Apparently, I am not alone.  A lot of people have animal-related dreams.

Everywhere I read, it seems animals in dreams represent basic instincts and desires, but mine did not seem to be those things.  I am thinking that the animal dreams stem from feelings of being overwhelmed and feeling inadequate, as though one is unable to keep up with what is expected.  I think the animals must represent responsibilities.

Anyone else out there have experience with animal dreams?  I guess I expect them to continue until I have either saved all the animals on the planet or I have my life in perfect order, whichever comes first.

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