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By Thebangtoddowenwaldorf @BangLiving

Here I go. The big leap. A second time coming. It feels different this time though. It’s the familiarity of it.Zing

Goodbyes become commonplace.  One of the things you don’t account for. I’ve come up with a method. A cheat. That moment that comes before the goodbye, say something ridiculous. Make it extremely random.It has to have a little bit of zing. ZING! Then everyone laughs (maybe out of pity). Now cut short on it and slide in a gentlemanly salutation. Now you just walk away. Bingo bongo, they are left with the feeling of “Well, that was fun.  He certainly is a nice fellow.  He will really be missed.”  Even if they are actually wondering what the hell just happened, you get to walk away feeling that it went well.  Cheat code accepted.

I’m off to BKK on Wednesday.


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