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Zero Otte Nove

By Danielleabroad @danielleabroad
Yesterday, I took the train up from the city to meet my parents, brother, sister and Swiss exchange student (they're hosting) in the Bronx for an early dinner on Arthur Avenue. It was my dad's birthday. zero otte nove My mom chose Zero Otte Nove, a new-to-me pizzeria and sprawling trattoria. zero otte nove We ate well, as expected, beginning with an incredible Neapolitan-style margherita pizza prepared with fresh buffalo mozzarella and a spectacular homemade sauce from San Marzano tomatoes. zero otte nove  At the same time, my mom, dad and I began working on a Pinot Nero.
zero otte nove Soon after, I received my Insalata de Arugola with spicy arugula, shaved parmesan, olive oil and fresh ground pepper.
zero otte nove Then came the entrées... or antipasti, Portobella al Forno, being as I'd had a slice  pizza as an appetizer. The portobello mushroom filled with diced tomatoes, basil and goat cheese was just enough while also leaving me room to enjoy...
zero otte nove  a side of broccoli di rapa, the bitter staple at all Italian dining experiences.  
zero otte nove I also helped myself to one of my mom's soft shell crabs, served fra diavalo with one of the most amazing sauces I've ever tasted. And afterwards, it was time for me to "run to the rest room" (read: secretly tell the waiter it was my father's birthday so that he could bring out dessert with a candle). zero otte nove Before we knew it, a small strawberry cheesecake, candle and birthday song were served. I think he had a happy birthday, don't you? He definitely deserved it.
zero otte nove

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