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Youtube for Dining: Who Are the Best Cooking Vloggers on Youtube?

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Youtube for Dining: Who are the Best Cooking Vloggers on Youtube?
Are you tired of learning nothing from reading a cookbook? Still struggling with preparing the most basic of meals? Don’t fret, YouTube is here to save your day. The ever-popular website is packed full of self-taught cooks and professional chefs who have a thing or two to teach to beginners everywhere. If you want to make that perfect dish or just curious about food in general, check out the following cooking vloggers on YouTube.

1) Maangchi

For those of you who love Korean cuisine, Maangchi will definitely keep you entertained. Everything from Korean classics to customized creations are featured on the channel. What makes Maangchi’s Cooking Show so easy to watch is that the host is so personable and adorable. She is quirky, lively, and clearly passionate about Korean food. Maangchi has been cooking since she was a little girl and is very interested in all kind of cuisines. Her focus is on making healthy and delicious meals that can be prepared by anyone willing to learn. Check out Maangchi’s Cooking Show for tutorials, full recipes, cooking tips, equipment suggestions, and more.

2) Everyday Dish

Most non-vegetarians cringe at the thought of eating food that doesn’t have meat in it. Skeptics who visit Everyday Dish might have a change of heart about plant-based foods after trying some of Julie Hasson’s dishes. The energetic Hasson is fun to watch and really knows what she’s talking about. Hasson tries to prove that it is possible to create tasty meals that are meat-free. The problem with most vegetarian dishes is that they simply don’t taste good. It doesn’t matter how healthy a dish is if nobody is willing to eat it. With Everyday Dish, Hasson might just be able to start a health food revolution with her scrumptious cuisines.

3) Seasonal Cooking Made Easy with Chef Keith Snow

4) Nicko’s Kitchen

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