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Your Wedding Stationery Checklist

Your wedding stationery process can be intimidating...  There are some basic things you can decide early on to begin to get through it.
Your Wedding Stationery Checklist
Consider having a theme.
Many couples elect to not have a theme for their wedding. I think that this is fine, as there is enough to plan and design after all.  However, a theme is sometimes simpler to design around:
  1. You can look at things that have already been done
  2. A theme can sometimes help dictate your color scheme
  3. A theme helps to ensure more "paper-uniformity" throughout your event

Some themes you might want to consider researching for your stationery:
  • Vintage
  • Contemporary
  • Whimsical 
  • Shabby Chic
  • Urban/Hip
  • Traditional 
  • Florals
  • Seasonal
  • Old Hollywood
  • Glitzy
  • Understated Elegance
  • Art Deco

Settling down on colors...Ahhh, selecting the colors.  This can be AGONIZING as the web seems to be absolutely flooded with inspiration boards and swatch possibilities for weddings. I highly recommend The Perfect Palette as a great place to go to cut through the web clutter... Very organized and easy to navigate through, especially if you might have your heart set on one color already.
FontsThere are different fonts that correspond to different themes and styles... 
  • Think ornate, flourished scripts for more traditonal invitations
  • Think block, simple clean fonts for a contemporary styled invite
  • Think bold, unexpected font combinations for the whimsical

Ask your stationer for suggestions concerning the best font combinations. I offer couples a pdf to refer to with great combos that have worked well in the past.
Your Wedding Stationery Checklist
Paper SelectionThe paper you select will say a lot about your invitations... Flimsy paper can mar an otherwise nicely designed suite.  Check out my earlier series entitled "All About Your Paper" for general ideas about paper and things to keep in mind as you select.
Invite WordingGreat sites to refer to for invitation wording:
These checklist items are a great place to get started!  Good luck with your stationery journey and I'll be back blogging about something fun on Friday! --ct

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