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Pardon My Dust: Rebranding Effort Underway (Calligraphy by CT)

Pardon My Dust: Rebranding Effort Underway (Calligraphy by CT)
Hey guys... Wanted to let you know, that I am actually in the middle of a rebranding effort that includes, unbelievably, a change in my business name. Yes. After 8 years of doing business as "CT-Designs", I am changing the name to "Calligraphy by CT".
A few reasons that this is happening:
  1. Over the last couple of seasons, I have started to do calligraphy almost exclusively. The popularity of wedding signage has also pointed towards a more "artistic" approach to my work. I still do stationery, but on a very, very limited basis. Very tough to do both graphic design and hand lettering in the same space, at the same time.

  2. The "CT" in my business name has deceptively suggested to a lot of potential clients that I'm located in Connecticut. I'm HAPPY to work with clients on the East Coast, but many times these clients are looking for a local vendor to partner with.

  3. The word calligraphy in my business name title will assist in Google searches and SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
I haven't changed everything over yet, but I'm working on the website and switching my DNS servers to the new email. Etsy needs to be tackled as well. My Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts have all been changed however. I'll likely delete the Tumblr account since I rarely "Tumble" anymore anyway!
The saddest part is the I'll likely be leaving blogger because there is a blog already incorporated/embedded in my new website. I'd love for users to have a more "seamless" experience and this blog will still always be available for people to peruse. I just won't be updating it after December.
Thanks so much to all of my loyal followers and I hope to retain your interest as I pull the business through this rebrand!
Take care til' next time,

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