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Your Recipe For Planning a Successful Event

By Alyssa Martinez @ItsMariaAlyssa

Are you thinking of holding an event soon? If so, do you have the right recipe for your event to make it truly memorable? Thanks to Melbourne Memories, you can get the recipe right here. Read on, and enjoy the the tasty treats of throwing a delicious event.

tips for planning a successful event


You’ll need the below things to really make your event come together beautifully:

A date – You can’t promote your event unless you know when you’re going to be having it, so one of the first things that you need to do is figure out what you’re hosting and when you’re hosting it. That way, you can promote your event to your guests. Speaking of which, you’ll need some of those!

Guests – These are vital to the success of your event, and in order to get your guests to come along, you need to make sure that you have them aware of the event and that you have the date saved ahead of time.

Social media – Get social with plenty of time for your guests to know what’s going on and for your guests to invite other people too.

A goal – Without a goal, your event might seem a little bit unfocused, but with a goal, you’ll find that things come together nicely. Set a goal for the event like ‘get 100 new signups to our email list’ or ‘gather forty new people for our product’. That way, everything you do will have that focus.

Theme – You don’t need to have a theme, but it helps, a lot like the goal does. It just gives a greater purpose to your event overall. Think about incorporating something fun like a photo booth for your party or event as a really memorable way to give your guests a keepsake.

Venue – Pick the right venue for your event and make it part of your promotion. The right kind of venue for your event will make all the difference.


Now that you have all the ingredients for your event, you need to have a method for bringing them all together. Let’s take a look at how to bring it all together.

Invite people – A key part of getting your guests to come along is to invite them, obviously! It doesn’t matter how you get them to come along, you just need to hit them up on Facebook, on, on whatever your platform is – and make sure your RSVPs are all solid.

Get social – Continue to promote your event on social media to get your numbers up. Even if you reach your quota of guests, it’s always good to have more people than you need to have signed up to come – there’s always a certain amount of attrition, after all.

Get support – Good support for your event is going make all the difference when it comes down to it – you need to be supported by great people and by friends or coworkers.

Get a presentation – If you’re throwing a corporate event, you need to have a presentation to go along with your event. Make sure this is well rehearsed and practiced well ahead of time.

Have fun – A key part of you having a great event comes down to having fun and acting as an example for your guests, so you need to enjoy yourself and relax once the guests are in and everyone is happy.

Capture the event – Be sure to take plenty of pictures so that you have plenty of collateral to use after the event.

Clean up

You can’t cook without cleaning up after yourself, so be sure to take the time to clean up after you’re done with your event. That means you have to:

Thank people – As a part of your cleaning up, you have to reach out and thank people for coming along to your event.

Relax – Don’t forget to chill out once you’re done – the event was a huge success and now you can just relax.


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