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Your Genetic Destiny: Will You Look Like Your Mom?

By Beautyblogger @crowscupcell

Your Genetic Destiny: Will You Look Like Your Mom?How many times have you heard: ‘you look just like your mother?’ Or: ‘you have your mother’s smile?’ Often men make jokes that if they want to know what a woman will look like in twenty years, just look at her mother. At one time or another, just about every woman has scrutinized her mom’s aging progression and wondered about her own genetic destiny. A recent exchange at my hair salon on this very topic got my wheels turning when a hair stylist adamantly begged the aging gods (who apparently live in the ceiling of the salon) that she not inherit her mom’s skin. So, naturally, I’ve begun to wonder…will I get my mother’s excessive age spots? Or her deep smile lines? That day I sent a silent pray of my own to the age gods that I not inherit her saggy eyelids. (I wonder how I can get on their short list?)

In my mind, I’ve always envisioned my aging process being similar to Sophia Loren’s. But when I look at my mother, my plans seem pretty far-fetched. So is my aging process written in the proverbial stars, then? Is my genetic fate set in stone? Not entirely. Per my research, we have more control over our aging process than we realize. While you can’t avoid inheriting you mom’s nose or smile (or anal retentive nature), there are things you can do to control the biggies such skin texture and wrinkles. Read on

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Your Genetic Destiny: Will You Look Like Your Mom?

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