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Your Freedom and My Limitation

By Namalsiddiqui @namalsiddiqui
Your freedom and my limitation
‘You complement me’, one said to the other.
‘How do I do that?’ 'You emit light so powerful it reaches out through the galaxies. I am just a ball of rock, scarred and small. Your light shines on my scars, and people see my crevices and bruises as beauty. The world believes in imperfection; the beauty and wisdom that come with it. I am beautiful because of you. You set the skies ablaze. A new day embarks on its journey every dawn because of you. You set the world on fire with your radiance, and kindle the hearts of young men with passion and energy. I can only take and shine in your light, when all you do is give, and only give. I am nothing without you.' He was touched and humbled by the Moons modesty. So he spoke, ‘My dearest of all, my only true companion from days of yore, what am I without you? You are the cool breeze setting in on a hot rocky mountain. You are the faint light that falls upon the path of a homebound wayward at night. You are the harmonious lullaby that brings a tired and dejected soul to sleep. You steer the passion and energy that I emit at day, to prayer and submission at night. The same brave men know that subtle light falling upon them is the only one keeping guard. You complement me like fire and ice, like black and white, like body and soul.' The Moon said, ‘Well then, aren’t we a great pair? Separate and wonderful in our own ways and in nature’s mysterious but befitting plan will ever be grateful to each other.’
The Sun, mighty in its freedom to give, and the moon, composed in its limitations to absorb. The sun loves its freedom, and the moon careful of its limitations. Both together, make a beautiful world. Your freedom and my limitation Love, - Namal Siddiqui

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