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By Namalsiddiqui @namalsiddiqui
Off late, I have been reading different poets and listening to amazing instrumentals. All this poetry and music has been causing a stirring of words in my thoughts. The kind of stirring that leads to making some sort of concoction that may please your taste buds, or leave a flavor to your disposition you're not quite sure about.
Okay long story cut short. Here's something I wrote recently. (Thanks to Karen for putting it together as below :))
And my reference to the poetry and music I have been listening to lately:
I cannot stop reading the works of a poet I came across recently when a friend shared his poem. Michael Faudet is a mysterious poet, who may or may not exist. Read his work and you will know what I mean. His writes short poems that usually play with one single emotion, or moment in time. Follow him here:  
Cesare Picco - Piano Calling
Los Romeros - Noche En Málaga
Ludovico Einaudi - Behind the Window
Thanks for stopping by! x

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