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Your Emoji Usage Explained

By Expectlabs @ExpectLabs


Emojis are Japanese pictographs that inject character into our nuance-starved text messages. While texting’s power comes from its limitations, the addition of emojis has added an extra layer of possibilities. "Emoji" literally translates to “picture letter” in Japanese, and acts as the perfect medium when we can’t quite express ourselves, by using the deeply primitive language of pictures. 

Below are six emoji “star signs" from Thought Catalog that explains what your emoji usage says about you:

If your emojis are emotional extremes,emoji_1then it naturally follows that you are an enthusiastic and adventurous soul, with a secret desire to lead… You are the embodiment of YOLO, just how you like it. Well done. Good on you. Check out the Emaries forecast.
If your emojis include things like:emoji_2you’re a cool cat, you always talk to people at parties and people celebrate when you walk in; but as those who’ve seen your Recently Used will know, you only let people get so close. You mysterious Tauroji you.
If your emojis are diverse, ranging from shrimp to corn:emoji_3then you are a mentally intense, multi-genre, multi-faceted, Emojiini. You’re probably a little bit weird, and don’t get bogged down in anything specific. Keep your fingers in all those pies.
If your recently used is incredibly consistent from week to week, and you feature an abnormal amount of gooey shit,emoji_4then you are a Liboji. You secretly want an easy, uncomplicated life and you are the most common emoji star sign. Keep up the ordinary work!
If you have a lot of boring, non-offensive and highly positive emoji, likeemoji_5then I’d say you’re a Virgoji. You just want to do the right thing, don’t you?!
If you’re always trying to use emojis better then everyone else, and you are determined to use the most unusable emoji’s on the systememoji_6then you’re a Scorpoji for sure. You just want to triumph. And you’ve succeeded.

(via Thought Catalog)

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